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Experienced Testing Staff

Experienced Testing Staff

We have a full range of software testers, from graduates to experienced testing staff. There are different benefits to each kind of resource, so it is important to use the right level of resourcing for your project.

In many cases, although experienced test resource may cost slightly more, they will provide more overall value.

Benefits of using experienced testers

  • Experienced resources require less training so they are typically able to hit the ground running and use their experience to deliver extra value to the project.

  • Experience comes from previously making mistakes and learning from them so experienced test staff are less likely to make the same mistakes going forward.

  • Knowledge and understanding of other key work streams and practices such as project management and development processes and tools and how testing fits in to the bigger picture will also benefit the project.

  • Test resources with experience can be especially beneficial on fast paced, short timeline projects where there may not be a window for training and errors.

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