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Flexible Testing Resourcing

Flexible Testing Resourcing

Every project is different, and as such can require a unique blend of resources to deliver the project successfully. Our key skill is the ability to understand your requirements and supply flexible test resourcing to ensure a quality test service is delivered.


Examples of flexible resourcing:

  • ‘Bursting’ – supplying short term test resource to overcome a short term requirement to scale up.

  • Change in focus of testing – as a project progresses, quite often the required test resource can change. We have a range of test specialists for different types of testing (API testing, SIT testing, automation framework creation, regression testing etc.) which can be scaled up and down as required by the project.

  • Complete coverage – if a test resource is unavailable for any reason (e.g. holiday), being a flexible test service provider, we can offer an alternative to cover to ensure your project is not put at risk because of test resource availability.

If you would like further information on how our flexible test resourcing can ensure a quality test service is delivered for your project, contact the Unify team here.

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