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Why use Spring Boot?

Level up your Java code with Spring Boot, the world’s most popular Java framework. With a focus on productivity, speed and simplicity Spring makes programming on Java quicker and easier for everyone.

What Can Spring Do?



Microservices are a modern approach to software whereby application code is delivered in small, manageable pieces, independent of others. These small self-contained pieces can bring great flexibility to your code.




Reactive systems better utilise modern processors and when working alongside Spring they enable enable you to build reactive systems that are responsive and resilient.




Spring Cloud Gateway gives you precise control of your API layer as well as the flexibility to deal with dynamic changes without downtime.



Web Applications

By removing some of the boilerplate code and configuration associated with web development, Spring makes building web applications fast and hassle-free.

Web Apps


Event Driven

Spring has a number of event-driven options which allow you to keep up with the thousands of small changes that happen all day, every day in every business.

Event Driven



In a serverless environment, you can concentrate on writing application code while the underlying platform takes care of the other “server” specifics.




Batch processes with Spring give you an extremely efficient way of processing large amounts of data.


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Spring is everywhere

Trusted by developers across the globe.


Spring is flexible

Build almost any application you can imagine.


Spring is productive

Spring Boot radically streamlines your experience with Java programming tasks.


Spring is fast

Fast startup, fast shutdown, and optimised execution.


Spring is secure

Spring Security means issues are dealt with quickly and responsibly.


Spring is supportive

The Spring Community is an enormous, global and diverse network which spans across people of all ages and capabilities. No matter where you are, you can find the support and resources you need.

Spring Framework has three core capabilities:

Spring offers dependency features that let objects define their own dependencies that the Spring container later injects into them. This enables developers to create modular applications consisting of loosely coupled components, ideal for microservices and distributed network applications.

Spring also offers built-in support for data binding, type conversion, validation, exception handling, resource and event management, internationalization, and more. It integrates with various Java EE technologies such as RMI (Remote Method Invocation), AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol), Java Web Services, and others.

Spring Framework provides developers with all the tools and features necessary to create loosely coupled, cross-platform Java EE applications that run in any environment.

How we work with SpringBoot

How we work with SpringBoot

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With Spring Boot, just a few lines of code is all you need to start building services with ease

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