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IBM API Connect for API Management

Innovation in the API Economy

To compete in the API economy, organisations need to create winning API experiences for employees, suppliers, customers and consumers. In today’s increasingly interconnected world, application programming interfaces (APIs) are becoming the digital reflection of an organisation. To differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market, companies need to create digital capabilities for end users as well as API experiences that set themselves apart in the minds of developers and the organisations they support. They also need to manage their APIs as they do other products and services. This requires a commitment to addressing the external API “look and feel” as well as developing an infrastructure that supports the API lifecycle from inception to retirement. So what are the business drivers for the adoption of API’s?

  • Speed – enabling the business to execute faster
  • Reach – reaching new customers and new markets
  • Innovation – implementing new business models, disrupting markets
  • Domains – managing interactions within the company across geographies and lines of business

API Connect is a cloud-based API management solution that is designed to make your job easier. You’ll find simple coding, self-service developer portals, real-time analytics and built-in security. With fast provisioning in the cloud you can be productive straight away.

Benefits of IBM API Connect


Securely unlock assets

Securely expose existing business services via APIs to new mobile, IoT and web applications.


Drive innovation

Attract and engage developers through API socialisation with enterprise governance built-in.


Gain insights

Gain insights into which APIs are having the largest impact on organisations’ API programs.

Features of IBM API Connect

API Connect is IBM’s complete foundation to Create, Run, Manage, and Secure APIs:

  • API creation
  • Security and API management
  • API socialisation
  • API Testing and Monitoring
  • Built-in analytics
  • Multi-Cloud Design

How to create new APIs with IBM API Connect

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