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Business intelligence like never before

Go from data to insights in minutes

Visualise your data and share insights across your organisation, embed them in your app or on your website. Connect to hundreds of data sources and bring your data to life with live dashboards and reports.

  • Get detailed insights from data in minutes with Power BI Desktop.
  • Connect to hundreds of data sources, whether on premise or on cloud.
  • Use Power Query to simplify data ingestion, transformation, integration and enrichment.
  • Create reports using built-in visuals or create your own custom visuals.


As a leading Microsoft Power BI Agency, our Power BI Consultants will help you design, implement, and develop your Dashboards, Visualisations, and Reports using best practices gained over many client engagements.

Any data, any way, anywhere. All in one view.

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Connect self-service and enterprise analytics

Unify both your self-service and enterprise data analytics needs on a single platform. Access powerful semantic models, application lifecycle management (ALM) toolkit and an open connectivity framework, and generate fixed-layout, pixel-perfect paginated reports.


Accelerate big data preparation with Azure

Dramatically reduce the time it takes to get insights and quickly increase collaboration between business analysts, data engineers and data scientists by combining Power BI with Azure analytics services—from Azure Synapse Analytics to Azure Data Lake Storage.


Access industry-leading AI

Need answers fast? Take advantage of the latest advances in Microsoft AI.

The power of data is available to anyone in your organisation. Non-data scientists can prepare data, build machine learning models, and find insights from both structured and unstructured data – including both text and images.



Unparalleled Excel integration

Power BI works with and slots into your existing ways of working. This means that anyone with Office 365 can easily connect Excel queries, data models and reports to Power BI Dashboards. Quickly gather, analyse, publish and share Excel business data in new and innovative ways.


Act on invaluable business insights

Journey from data to insights, and from insights to action with Microsoft Power Platform. Using the winning combination of Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate, you can effortlessly build business applications and efficiently automate workflows.

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Stream analytics in real time

Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop

Rich interactive reports are simple, with visual analytics at the push of a button.

Power BI Desktop

Power BI Mobile

Get insights anywhere. Mobile business intelligence ensures you can access your data wherever your business takes you.

Power BI Desktop

Power BI Report Server

Access on-premises reporting solution for today, with the flexibility to move to the cloud on your own terms.

Consultancy & Support

At DeeperThanBlue our Power BI support services include a dedicated account manager, helpdesk with a ticketing system, prioritised issue resolution, reporting and SLA monitoring. In addition, we can provide availability monitoring, service level commitments, vulnerability assessments, and backup and disaster recovery services.

Administration Support

Daily administration, performance monitoring and help desk services to ensure a stable environment for your Power BI solution including your Data Warehouse/ Lakehouse. 


Development Support

Our Power BI Consulting Services provide ad-hoc dashboard and report development to full scale project implementations. We are here to support you with any issues and change requests to upgrade and enhance your Power BI solution. This allows you to maximise your Power BI investment and develop more complex charts, reports and dashboards.

End to End Support – Data pipeline to Visualisation

Our end-to-end Power BI support includes; Power BI administration, Data management, Data integration real-time and ETL processes, Regular health checks (including security), Help desk and troubleshooting issues. 

Mentoring & Knowledge Transfer

Our Power BI mentoring service lets you work with a true Power BI expert. They bring project experience and know how to your engagements. This includes design best practices, database and data architecture and how to build both simple and complex Power BI Dashboards, Visualisations and Reports at your pace. They can support you remotely or be on-site when required to provide face to face Power BI training. 

Microsoft Power BI - License & Software Options

How to choose the right Power BI license for your organisation. 

Microsoft Power BI offers different license and software versions, including Free, Pro, and Premium Per User (PPU) licenses, as well as Premium capacity-based licenses. Below is a brief overview of each: 

  • Free License: This is suitable for individual users and small teams. It allows for data visualisation and report creation but has limitations on collaboration and sharing features


  • Pro License: The Pro license is designed for professional users and small teams, offering advanced capabilities beyond the Free version. It allows for extensive collaboration and sharing of data and reports within an organisation with other Power BI Pro license users.


  • Premium Per User (PPU) License: This provides the license holder with all the capabilities of Power BI Pro, plus access to extra features, capabilities, and types of content that are only available with a paid license. This access is limited to the PPU license holder and other colleagues who also have a PPU license


  • Premium Capacity-Based License: This is suitable for large-scale deployment and dedicated cloud resources for large organisations and enterprises. It is priced based on capacity and offers advanced security features and administration tools 



When to choose MS Power BI Premium over MS Power BI Pro

  1. Support for Large Data Volumes: Power BI Premium can handle much larger data volumes than Power BI Pro, making it suitable for organisations with more complex data need
  2. Higher Refresh Rates: Power BI Premium offers higher refresh rates than Power BI Pro, allowing for more frequent data updates
  3. Enhanced Performance: Power BI Premium offers enhanced performance, making it the better choice for organisations with 1,000+ users
  4. Unrestricted Sharing of Reports and Dashboards: Power BI Premium allows users to share reports and dashboards without restrictions, while Power BI Pro has limitations on sharing features
  5. Advanced Features and Functionality: Power BI Premium comes with considerably more features and advanced functionality, such as a higher model size limit, larger storage, and access to additional API’s

It’s important to note that Power BI Premium license cost is more expensive and may require more complex setup and configuration than Power BI Pro. Therefore, the choice between the two should be based on the specific needs, budget, and scale of deployment within the organisation. 

Further details on license types and usage can be found on the Microsoft Power BI site

Microsoft Power BI Pricing

How much does Microsoft Power BI cost? 

Microsoft Power BI prices can vary depending on the specific license and service required.  

  • Power BI Free – Available with a Microsoft Fabric free account. Upgrade options to Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium are available


  • Power BI Pro – from £8.20 per month ($10 per user per month) *


  • Power BI PremiumThe pricing for Power BI Premium varies based on the specific capacity and features. It offers both per-user and per-capacity SKUs, with the cost depending on the specific plan and deployment options:
      • Per-user pricing starts from £16.40 ($20 per user per month)
      • Per-capacity for a P1 SKU from £4,105.60 ($4,995 per capacity per month) 


*A $10 per user/month add-on is available for users with Power BI Pro and Microsoft 365 E5 licenses to step up to Power BI Premium per user. 

At DeeperThanBlue we are also able to provide an annual cost option for Power BI licenses and manage licenses against an organisation’s Microsoft agreement to centralise license management and renewals reducing administration. Incentives are available for large license quantity purchases. 

Whilst we have tried to give a breakdown of the license types and cost options of Microsoft Power BI you may still be wondering what’s the right path to choose. If you would like help understanding which Power BI license to purchase please get in touch with our team of experts who are ready to help you using the chat facility or the ‘Get in touch’ form at the bottom of this page. 


If you’re enhancing your business analytics, data and reporting and are considering Power BI, our experts can help with that.

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