IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

Are legacy applications holding your business back? Do you want to increase business resiliency, maximise ROI and unlock legacy workflows and data? Are you tasked with realising the operational benefits of clouds and containers?

The Cloud Paks

IBM Business Automation Workflow

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IBM API Connect for API Management

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IBM WebSphere Application Server

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IBM Cloud Pak for Applications promises a faster, more secure way to move your core business applications to any cloud through enterprise-ready containerised solutions. It consists of the following:

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  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Ultimate portability: Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 4.2 for hybrid multi-cloud
  • Ultimate choice: Build new cloud-native apps on the broadest range of supported runtimes
  • Ultimate control: Empower teams to start quickly with increased productivity and enterprise governance

Traditional applications and Cloud native applications

Specifically, IBM Cloud Pak for Applications enables you to both modernise traditional applications and build cloud native applications.

Modernising traditional applications: Just because you’re moving to the cloud doesn’t mean that you need to build everything from the ground up. By modernising traditional applications, you can increase their flexibility and scalability.

Building cloud native applications: Apps that are built in the cloud are typically more scalable, easier to update and less costly to run. They also help you to respond much quicker to the needs of your customer.