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Integration Design & Development

The world is moving to API’s and micro-services to provide more agile applications, using middleware to assist and accelerate Digital Transformation.  Sensory events and the IoT (Internet of Things) are gathering pace with new use cases being developed and brought to market every day and being consumed in our homes. It’s not just Uber and Airbnb that are using these.
Where are you on this journey and how do you make use of these messages, data and events to gain insight?

Integrating the Digital World

Whether you are a High Street Retailer, a Retail Bank or operating in the Travel industry we have witnessed some fantastic digital web properties only to be let down by their integration architecture which is akin to string and sellotape. They looked fantastic on the face of it but behind the scenes, it was anything but a smooth running operation. Today given the amount of scrutiny organisations are under with GDPR, regulatory and compliance issues it’s paramount that organisations treat this with the respect it deserves. Having a secure message back-bone that allows trading partners to connect via API’s is no longer expensive and time consuming to implement. Neither is implementing an Application Integration Bus to connect your business systems and processes irrespective of whether they run in the cloud or on-premise. We have deep expertise designing integration architectures and building hooks across cloud and legacy business systems. Our integration approach starts with your business needs, then we work across your current IT infrastructure or make technology recommendations based on your unique requirements. We always focus on ensuring data is kept to the highest standard and moves successfully across your IT landscape and business systems. We can help you modernise your architecture, connect seamlessly to customers and suppliers and where appropriate help you monetise your investment. Our range of services and technologies from key vendors such as IBM and Microsoft can help you get ahead of the game quickly. If you have already made an investment in these technologies we can help you maximise your return from them as well as keep them optimised for peak trading and growth with our services below.

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