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With over 20 years of experience, working with IBM middleware technology, we offer a broad spectrum of support for MQ, ACE, and WAS, alongside application development, modernization, and hosting services. Our longstanding history and capabilities with IBM WebSphere technology set us apart as a leader in the market. 

The Essence of WebSphere Managed Services

WebSphere Managed Services by DeeperThanBlue is not just about maintaining systems; it is also about driving transformative change. Our services are underpinned by a proactive and preventative approach, focusing on the high availability and optimal performance of WebSphere applications. Key features include:



Strategic Support:

With Service Level Agreements (SLAs) tailored to meet business needs, DeeperThanBlue assures prompt and efficient handling of even the most critical issues (severity level 1)

Bespoke Solutions:

Understanding that each business has unique needs, DeeperThanBlue offers bespoke monitoring and solution tailoring. This customisation ensures that the WebSphere environment aligns perfectly with specific business objectives.

Enabling Digital Transformation:

The managed services are designed to alleviate organisational pain points, enabling teams to focus on strategic initiatives rather than IT management.

Comprehensive Coverage:

From core development to consultancy, DeeperThanBlue’s services encompass a full range of support, ensuring no aspect of WebSphere management is left unaddressed.

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The Business Impact


Enhanced Efficiency

Reduced downtime and optimised application performance lead to increased operational efficiency.


Cost Saving

Efficient management of WebSphere environments can lead to reduced operational costs.


Strategic Focus

With DeeperThanBlue handling the complexities of WebSphere, businesses can redirect their focus on strategic growth and innovation.


Tailored solutions ensure that the services align with the unique challenges and objectives of each business.

Pricing and Terms

DeeperThanBlue offers these comprehensive services at a competitive price starting at just £48.5K. This investment is not just in maintaining an IT environment but in empowering a business to reach its full digital potential.

With 24/7 Severity 1 out-of-business hours support, costing less than that of a full-time employee. No necessity to establish an out-of-hours rota and cover for holiday periods. Other severity levels 2,3 and 4 are available during business hours. Your business will also have access to the DTB Service Desk and wider Websphere support/consultancy team. subject to take-on exercise.

DeeperThanBlue’s WebSphere Managed Services is a gateway to not only sustaining but also enhancing business operations in a digitally driven world. Our extensive experience, combined with a deep understanding of IBM technologies, uniquely positions us as a trusted partner for any business looking to harness the power of your WebSphere software estate.

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