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eCommerce, Industry News - 13 April 2022

Time to welcome the MACH Alliance?

Are you ready for total experience…? It’s time to welcome the MACH Alliance   We never get tired of talking to our clients about customer experience at DeeperThanBlue. It’s what we live for. But there’s a new kid in town. Total

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Analytics - 11 January 2022

AI in the retail world

Artificial intelligence isn’t all about chatbots and removing real humans from customer service. AI’s place in business is growing fast, with more and more use cases developing each day. Used correctly, AI can vastly improve your customer experience, internal operations

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Software Testing - 06 January 2022

Develop the ultimate accessible online presence with WCAG

At DeeperThanBlue, we coach businesses to develop their online presence, enabling access to new markets and embracing legislative requirements to ultimately achieve business goals. And when it comes to achieving business goals and securing competitive advantage, accessibility is becoming increasingly

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Software Testing - 08 December 2021

Three easy steps to begin building in quality

At DeeperThanBluE UNIFY, we build in quality to transform online business presence. By applying industry best practices throughout software development, we ensure that each element, at every increment, meets regulatory and quality standards. So, how do we do it? The Agile

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Application Modernisation, Cloud, Integration - 08 December 2021

You should start your journey to the cloud in 2022

Modernising your technology through moving applications into the cloud is not a new concept. In 2021, it’s pretty common. But what does migration to the cloud entail? How long does it take? Do you need to become fully cloud-based? Is

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Analytics - 04 December 2021

6 tips for data visualisation

Data is the lifeblood that fuels business growth. But even if you’re using every last scrap of it, it can be difficult to make informed decisions with sub-par visualisation making it difficult to understand the full picture. Here’s how to

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Food for thought, Software Testing - 23 November 2021

“Business!” cried the ghost of Jacob Marley: A DTB Christmas Carol

As we approach the festive season and we reflect on the past year and plan for 2022, many businesses will be analysing, forecasting and planning. What worked? How can we do things better, and how is technology going to change

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Analytics, Events, Food for thought - 19 November 2021

Data, insights, and company growth: You need the right building blocks

At our recent Business Analytics Forum, we heard about the potential for AI, the capabilities of Snowflake and IBM Planning Analytics with Watson, and the possibilities for retail performance management. It was an exciting afternoon discussing everything analytics with some

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Analytics, Company News, Events - 05 November 2021

In case you missed it: Business Analytics Forum – Retail Performance Management

Last month we held our first in-person post-Covid Business Analytics Forum. We were thrilled to be back networking in the flesh, as were all our speakers and attendees. But in case you missed it on the day, we’ll be covering

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