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Test Strategy Production

Test Strategy Production

Early test preparation is essential for successful delivery of a project. To ensure this happens, it’s key to have a clear vision of how testing will fit alongside project delivery.

Having a robust test strategy in place underpins this. Where once it may have been an all-encompassing document, recently more agile projects have utilised more lightweight documentation which could include a test strategy roadmap or matrix. These bring the advantage of creating an easier to digest ‘mental model’ of test progress and milestones.

We work alongside you to define your test strategy and the most appropriate way of documenting it. We ensure that your test strategy is clear, well communicated and easy to digest for project teams and stakeholders.

Key elements of a test strategy include:

  • Test estimation approach

  • Risks
  • Test tools

  • Test environments

  • Approach to functional and non-functional testing

  • Approach to manual and automated testing

  • Test progress reporting

  • Entry and exit criteria

It is important that the test strategy is clear, communicated and understood by the key resources on the project.

The Test Strategy provides a clear vision to deliver quality throughout the project. Transparent progress reporting will allow the business to make informed decisions.

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