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Software License Management for Vendor Software

We help organisations procure their software licenses, maintain their renewals and remain compliant by choosing the most relevant and cost effective options to suit you.
We have vast experience within various different types of licensing agreements and we are here to help you navigate and ensure you’re getting the right agreement to meet your business needs.

IBM Passport Advantage (PA) Specialists

We have a team dedicated to license management having worked with IBM’s Passport Advantage and SaaS programmes for many years.

We help clients configure and procure the most cost-effective new license components and undertake annual license renewals for software subscription and support.


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In recent years software vendors have increased their audit frequency and rigour. Whilst no one intends to fall out of compliance, vendor software license complexity and variations amongst terms can lead to potential compliance issues. DeeperThanBlue’s software license team and audit can help you remain compliant.

Staying Vendor License Compliant

IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)

IBM’s license metric tool is a free software component that will help you remain compliant with full and sub-capacity installations. It’s an IBM software license requirement that ILMT is installed and is capturing data to understand the consumption of Processor Value Units (PVU) and Resource Value Units (RVU). ILMT not only provides reports for license compliance audits but can help you monitor and assess compliance on an on-going basis. At DeeperThanBlue we can assist you with the installation and configuration of ILMT with your IBM software license and infrastructure estate.

Software License Service Benefits

Not sure if you are looking to reduce the cost of your software maintenance renewal or whether its a one-off purchase?

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