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Your customers' expectations

Customer expectations have risen massively in recent years and we’ve seen a convergence of customer experience-led thinking.  The consensus is that the B2B experience now needs to be just as good as B2C customer experiences, or sales will suffer.

Differentiating the two


The customer experience for B2B commerce needs to be as good as the experience for B2C commerce, company buyers now demand the same quality throughout the purchasing journey as they would in a consumer persona.

There are also many additional complexities and industry nuances to consider in B2B that you needn’t consider so heavily when targeting consumers. Our experts have helped companies in the B2B space make sense of this and create highly targeted – and by extension, successful – campaigns off the back of their collaboration with us.


We help brands and companies transform their digital offerings, from the ground up. Customer experience isn’t just about how good the front end looks, it’s just as important to be able to deliver on the promises made to your customers throughout their journey.

Our team of experts have vast amounts of experience in B2C commerce that will enable your customers to easily interact with you, form a strong relationship with your brand and become a brand evangelist. Let us give you an unfair advantage to ensure you consistently have the edge on your competitors.

B2B eCommerce is coming for B2C

b2b ecommerce 2018 report Business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce sales will have explosive growth in coming years and will soon be competing with the business-to-consumer (B2C) market, according to industry forecasts. B2B buyers want to make business purchases online, and B2B companies continue to see the benefits of using eCommerce to supplement their existing buying mechanisms.

Download the eMarketer report to learn:

  • Why a need still exists for more complex solutions to support the intricacies of B2B commerce
  • How B2Bs are enhancing their direct offering through hybrid approaches that balance a blend of online self-service with human-assisted sales
  • What pros and cons marketers must carefully weigh when selling through indirect channels, like a distributor or marketplace



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