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Is GraphQL for you?

As businesses increasingly rely on data-driven applications, the need for efficient and flexible APIs has never been greater. That’s where GraphQL comes in.

GraphQL is an open-source query language, developed by Facebook to provide a more efficient way to design, create, and consume APIs.

It redefines how developers work with APIs by offering more flexibility and speed to market; it improves client-server interactions by enabling APIs to make precise data requests and obtain no more or no less, but exactly what they need.

Advantages of using GraphQL


Works for complex systems and microservices


Fetches data with a single API call


Tailored requests to your needs


No over or under fetching problems




API evolution without versioning

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GraphQL has 3 primary operations

GraphQL creates a schema to describe all the possible data that clients can query through the service. A GraphQL schema is made up of object types, which define its fields as well as the type of object you can request.

As queries come in, GraphQL validates the queries against the schema. GraphQL then executes the validated queries.

The API developer attaches each field in a schema to a function called a resolver. During execution, the resolver is called to produce the value.

Based on the graph data modelling with the schema at its core, GraphQL has three primary operations:



Send a query to your API and get exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less.


Write GraphQL APIs that work with your existing data and code.


 a long-lived query that fetches data in response to source events.

GraphQL has a number of design principles


Product Centric

Strong Typing

Client Specified Queries


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