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Managed Test Service

Managed Test Service

Our Managed Test Service will provides flexible test specialists, aligned to your strategic business direction and vision.

Examples of managed test services:

Test planning and execution of manual, automated, functional and non-functional testing.

  • Focus on test-early test-often activity, processes, techniques and behaviours, regardless of delivery method. This provides software testing best practise.
  • Optimise the way test cases are written, to ease test automation implementation.
  • Implement a new test automation framework if required, or build on existing framework.
  • Implement non-functional testing processes to further de-risk software implementations. Such as Performance Testing and Infrastructure resilience testing.
  • Focus test team activity on mitigating risk, rather than performing extensive testing.
  • Support project delivery demand by providing flexible, specialist, on-site testing resources.
  • Provide Software Testing training where required.
  • Regular updates – daily scrums with clear, transparent communication and immediate feedback.

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In summary, our managed test service can be onsite, off site or a combination. It will result in a future-proof and flexible test approach, providing vision to increase quality with a focus on test-early test-often techniques.

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