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Generative AI is one of the most significant technological changes to impact both businesses and individuals. It is already transforming the way we work.

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What's in it for me?

Artificial intelligence already makes it possible to solve everyday problems by asking questions and getting answers in natural language from a search engine or interacting with a digital assistant or AI chatbot.

In repetitive tasks, it helps achieve higher accuracy and consistency, remove human error, allowing you to scale, operate outside of normal business hours and improve business processes.

With the pace of change, many people feel overwhelmed by the scale of AI. Without appreciating the benefits of the technology, it’s easy to deprioritise AI projects and watch while others investigate. However, early adopters will find that AI will work for them.

<center>Better decisions</center>

Better decisions

Data-driven insights to make more accurate, unbiased decisions.

<center>Better decisions</center>

Efficiency gains

Complete tasks at a scale and velocity impossible for humans, automating repetitive processes, leaving workers to perform higher-level and more engaging tasks.

<center>Better decisions</center>

Faster operations

Accelerates business speed by rapidly analysing large datasets, shortening product development cycles from design to commercialisation.



Provide personalised customer services and experiences by understanding individual buying patterns, interests and needs.


Cost savings

Automate routine tasks, reducing labour costs and eliminating human error.


Competitive advantage

Early AI adopters can gain an edge over competitors through associated efficiencies.

What areas of your business should you consider applying AI to?

<center>Customer Services</center>

Customer Services

  • Self-service knowledge bases
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants
  • Customer behaviour analysis
<center>Customer Services</center>

Expert Systems

  • Curated content
  • Distributed expertise
  • Learning and adaptation
  • Single source of truth
<center>Customer Services</center>

Human Resources

  • Recruitment and talent acquisition
  • Onboarding and training
  • Payroll and benefits
  • Employee engagement and retention


  • Predictive analytics
  • Content creation
  • Marketing automation
  • Customer segmentation and targeting



  • Predictive sales forecasting
  • Conversational AI and chatbots
  • Lead scoring and prioritisation
  • Sales process automation

How can DTB help you?

We focus on helping business gain benefits and efficiencies from Generative AI. We do this through the following service offerings:

  • Workshop
    • Discover problem and pain areas in your business
    • Review areas that might be a good candidate for using AI.
    • Consider repeatable Use Cases that apply to your business
  • Building a proof of concept quickly—in days/weeks
  • Build out a minimal viable product—and get that into production in weeks.
  • Scale out once the ROI has been proven.
  • Select the correct AI platform provider, Large Language Model or Foundational Model for results accuracy and understanding the total cost of ownership.

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Who are our tech partners?

We are firm believers that no single provider—LLM or foundational model—will satisfy all use cases or requirements. It’s more likely that a multi-modal AI future is what organisations will gravitate towards sooner rather than later.

Therefore, we partner and work with some of the most trusted and leading AI partners and platforms:

IBM Watson Logo

IBM Watson

Find out more.

Google Gemini Logo

Google Gemini

Microsoft Azure logo

Microsoft Azure AI

AWS Bedrock Logo

AWS Bedrock

IBM Watson X Human Resources AI demonstration

Read about some of the use cases for AI in retail.

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What are the different forms of AI?

Generative AI

AI systems that can generate new content like text, images, audio, or code based on training data, often using deep learning techniques like generative adversarial networks (GANs).

Assisted learning

The use of technology and digital tools to enhance and support the learning process, such as computer-assisted learning, virtual reality simulations, and interactive multimedia.

Machine learning

A subset of artificial intelligence that allows systems to learn and improve from data without being explicitly programmed, enabling pattern recognition and predictive modelling.

Neural networks

A type of machine learning model inspired by the human brain, consisting of interconnected nodes that process data and learn to recognise patterns.

Deep Learning

A subset of machine learning that uses multi-layered artificial neural networks to learn from large amounts of data, enabling advanced tasks like image and speech recognition.

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