Customisable eCommerce Integration

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Customisable eCommerce Integration

CXOne is an innovative solution developed by DeeperThanBlue which allows online retailers to take an out-of-the-box eCommerce platform and extend its functionality to give their customers an exceptional online shopping experience.

  • Use your preferred eCommerce platform
  • Retain and leverage ALL existing/legacy backend data and benefit from data richness
  • Avoid costly plugins or overly bespoke eCommerce systems
  • Go headless with versatile frontend applications

For these retailers, there have typically been just two choices:

  1. Implement an out-of-the-box solution and compromise on functionality;
  2. Invest in a potentially costly bespoke platform.

Now, retailers have a third option with CXOne.

The CXOne Philosophy

ECommerce solutions are well established, constantly evolving and getting better and better at what they do. We recognise this and so, when we scoped our eCommerce integration product, we decided to not interfere with the off-the-shelf platforms per se, but instead ensured that we made the most of their core functionality and then bridged any gaps in functionality with CXOne.

We wanted a solution that would allow online retailers to implement an eCommerce platform that was right for their site and their budget whilst enabling them to leverage legacy backend systems rather than facing the cost and disruption of migrating their technology landscape.

With CXOne, retailers can have the best of both worlds—an affordable eCommerce platform that gives the required functionality AND retains their tried and tested backend data systems.


CXOne Storefront – your route to next-level customer experience

Beyond the seamless integration of backend systems and the chosen eCommerce platform, there is a further DeeperThanBlue solution that takes your online retail site to the next level.

CXOne Storefront gives your customers a highly personalised shopping experience by drawing on the core information within your eCommerce platform as well as data which is outside of the platform to deliver that enhanced customer experience.

Animation showing how CXOne and CXOne Storefront from DeeperThanBlue fits into an eCommerce system

A complete product or modular solution

The beauty of the CXOne family is that it can be used as a complete wrapper for your eCommerce platform, or the parts can be separated to give you the solution you need.

If you are happy with how your eCommerce platform integrates with your backend data but want a more versatile frontend, CXOne Storefront is the answer.

If you need to draw on a greater variety of data sources to feed the eCommerce platform but are happy with how the platform is presented to your customers, then CXOne is for you.

However, for the ultimate in flexibility and performance, placing CXOne between the eCommerce platform and your backend data and CXOne Storefront between the eCommerce platform and your customer really is the only way achieve stand-out online retail experiences.

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