IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

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IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

For so many companies, cloud integration sits at the top of their list of operational headaches. So, where are you on your journey to the cloud? And what are your integration needs?

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration offers a complete set of integration capabilities to efficiently connect your applications and data across multiple clouds. You can:

  • Set up appropriate organisational models and governance practices to support agile integration
  • Simplify the management of your integration architecture
  • Reduce costs

Running on Red Hat OpenShift, it provides essential agility to enable workloads to be deployed on premises and on private and public clouds.


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Cloud Pak for Integration’s capabilities include the following:

API Lifecycle: Create, secure, manage, share and monetise APIs across clouds whilst maintaining continuous availability. This ensures that you can take control of your API ecosystem and drive digital business with a robust API strategy to meet the changing needs of your users.

Application and data integration: All your business data and applications can be integrated quickly and easily across any cloud.

Secure gateway: Create security-rich connections between your on-premise and cloud environments.

Enterprise messaging: Now you can simplify, accelerate and facilitate reliable data exchanges with a flexible and security-rich messaging solution. You now have the information you need, just when you need it.

Event streaming: Messages can be delivered more easily and reliably to react to events in real-time.

High-speed data transfer: You now have the capability to send large files and data sets, reliably and at maximum speed. This will enhance collaboration across your teams and meet the requirements of demanding global organisations.