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A vast amount becomes possible when you embrace technology, introduce new applications and solutions for your business and move forward into a digital world. From improving IT operations to innovation at break neck speed, throw off the traditional IT shackles.
We help organisations adopt cloud and become agile, reduce IT backlogs and operational expenditure.

Deliver your best performance

The IT world is constantly changing and so are business demands. Knowing what technology can do is paramount as it never stands still. Are you struggling to understand which cloud is right for your business needs? Need an answer, not just for the near future but for the forever evolving future?
We all face these challenges, but we are here to help you face yours.
First of all, we will ask questions to understand your business challenges and needs. Then we’ll move forward to create the right cloud solution and package which works best for you. This isn’t a pre-made cloud package, this is a unique cloud package and includes only the parts required, meaning you’re not paying for anything that you won’t be using. Scale up in peak and then scale back down. Prototype new apps and launch quickly into new markets.

A Cloud for Business with a choice not a compromise


Full stack, global availability with bare metal and dedicated server options

Public Multi-tenant virtual server deployments give you rapid scalability and higher cost effectiveness with pre-defined sizes.

Dedicated Single-tenant with rapid provisioning and flexibility, enabling virtual server placement control for workloads requiring physical isolation.


Local deployment with high levels of integration and orchestration


Manage, orchestrate and integrate applications with multi cloud options

Out perform the competition

Global Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) & Platform as a Service (PaaS) data-centres with IBM Cloud (Softlayer) & Microsoft Azure

  • Build your next app and be agile
  • AI ready
  • 100’s of services ready to be deployed
  • Data locality built-in
  • Secure to the core
  • Pay for what you use

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