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Remove the traditional limitations around big data transfer and tap into the ground-breaking technology of IBM Aspera

How are you managing your data? Do you have robust ways and means of transferring data efficiently across your organisation?

Migrating data across the hybrid cloud for example brings with it a number of challenges. But with IBM Aspera now you can deliver data streams and growing files anywhere, as well as enhancing business-wide collaboration and synchronising data across multiple sites.


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What is IBM Aspera

IBM Aspera offers a redundant, highly scalable architecture that securely and reliably transfers your data up to hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP.  

Now you can experience a revolutionary approach to tackling the challenges of big data movementInstead of optimising or accelerating data transfer, the power of IBM Aspera exists in its ability to completely eliminate underlying bottlenecks using a breakthrough transport technology.  

This technology fully utilises available network bandwidth to maximise speed and quickly scale up with no theoretical limit. 


Key features of IBM Aspera:  

Bandwidth control – this is provided by the bandwidth utilisation algorithm in FASP. This provides fast and automatic discovery of the available bandwidth, ensuring it is used to its full capability 

Configurable ‘fair play’ to standard TCP traffic – while any available bandwidth can be filled by FASP, it also has an intelligent adaptive transmission-rate control mechanism that scales down to ensure fairness for TCP traffic. It will then automatically ramp up to maximise unused bandwidth.  

Flexible and open architecture – interoperable file and directory transfer between all major operating systems and cloud platforms are supported, providing a complete, modern software API.  

Reporting and monitoring – enjoy end-to-end transfer progress and detailed performance statistics for real-time monitoring and reporting, as well as custom pre- and post-transfer processing.  

IBM Aspera

IBM Aspera use cases

IBM’s FASP® transport software technology

This ground-breaking protocol is at the heart of Aspera’s solutions, enabling the traditional limitations of public internet connections and off-the-shelf hardware to be overcome, and for the usage of available bandwidth to be maximised.  

This provides:  

  • Unmatched transfer speeds  
  • End-to-end security  
  • 100% reliability  
  • Exceptional bandwidth control 

Use Cases of IBM Aspera

Software development, Animation/ VFX,  Advertising, Banking & Financial Markets, CAD – Computer Aided Design,  Distribution, Engineering, Entertainment; Broadcasting & TV, Gaming, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Manufacturing,  Mapping, Media & Content, Oil & Gas, Retail, Sports, Telecommunications.


IBM Aspera & Cloud Pak for Integration

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration offers a complete set of integration capabilities to efficiently connect your applications and data across multiple clouds 

As part of its capabilities comes the ability to deploy IBM Aspera for high speed data transfer. High-speed data transmission (HDT) is essential to optimise big data application acceleration over long distance and a key part of your application modernisation strategy.  

Where once you may have been struggling with the challenges of legacy file transfer tools and physical shipping methods to move large amounts of data – now this can be done at maximum speed, across the globe.  

All with the assistance of IBM Aspera. 

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