IBM Global Financing

When budgeting is top of your agenda, IBM Global Financing could help make the implementation of new IT solutions a reality. You can manage your cashflow, whilst still boosting your ROI and TCO. 

The current climate

The world is unpredictable right now. Businesses throughout the country and across the globe have been impacted, while consumer desire continues to be volatile. But standing still is one of the worst things you can do for the future of your organisation. In fact, it could be the worst thing you could do.

In the face of an unpredictable economy, how can you secure the budget to fund ongoing and new IT projects? How can you manage your cash flow when you can’t know for certain what the next quarter will bring? With changing and uncertain consumer desire new trends are occurring, disappearing and reappearing. It’s fundamental to have the agility and flexibility to respond, grow and thrive in this unpredictable environment.

The benefits of IBM Global Financing

With the support of IBM Global Financing, you can start your projects sooner, improve your cashflow, and enhance your business results.

Flexible payment solutions from IBM Global Financing

  • Financing

    To help your business grow and access the latest technology, IBM Global Financing solutions finance the following:

  • Cloud 

    Now you can move more to the cloud with customised payment plans for IBM hybrid multicloud and Red Hat ® solutions. Find out more.

  • Software 

    Payment solutions across IBM’s software portfolio enables you to reduce your upfront payments and optimise your cash flow. Find out more.

  • Services

    Accelerate your cloud and digital transformation journey by tapping into a flexible payment plan that is built around the needs and requirements of your business. Find out more.

  • IT Infrastructure

    Tap into the capability to acquire and add advanced technologies as and when you need to. With predictable payments comes the ability to conserve cash. Find out more.

Available finance options from IBM Global Financing

  • A predictable, low risk approach to building your IT infrastructure with minimal impact on capital budgets, preventing technology obsolescence.
  • Features a fixed rate for the use of equipment over the lease term.
  • Add additional capacity or features during the middle of the lease, often with little or no change in monthly payments.
  • At the end of the lease term you can renew or extend the lease or return the equipment.
  • A payment plan for the entire cost of the IT equipment over a fixed time period.
  • Special offers with competitive interest rates.
  • Maximise your purchasing power at competitive rates to keep financially healthy.
  • Financing is available for hardware, software and services from IBM.
  • Upfront costs are reduced, helping you to conserve cash.
  • Payments can be matched to deployment milestones.

All IBM Global Financing offerings are subject to credit.

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