Digital Strategy

More than 85% of companies are not equipped to manage the change outlined in their growth strategies.  A large proportion of the change that exists in these strategies is digital and will require different technology to enable that change to occur.


The Digital Journey

It’s imperative that companies build a consistent vision and direction as this will ensure everyone is working towards achieving the same goals and objectives.  It can be implemented by setting up clear benchmarks, a unified communication model and specific goals.  Without a clear strategy, you may find yourself in a situation where every manager or director sets their own aims and priorities related to the online activity, resulting in everyone working cross-purpose without even realising it.

Here at DeeperThanBlue, we’re experts in the field of digital change and how to go about it; from the strategic decisions needing to take place at the forefront (which includes People, Processes & Systems), to undertaking the actual changes needed to make it happen. We have helped many businesses digitally transform from their traditional roots and help them become disruptors within their industry.  Built on sound knowledge of multiple industries and technologies, we see our unique approach to delivering change to the customer as being the key to our client’s success.

So, if you’re going to adapt to the ever changing environment and avoid following the same path as half of the Fortune 500, there are three things you must start doing now:

  1. Obsess over the customer and go beyond vanity metrics to understand their entire journey.
  2. Decentralise decision making to empower those closest to the customer to make decisions and have the agility to release great new features, fast.
  3. Connect your eCommerce ‘product’ to business objectives and hold everyone accountable to those outcomes.


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