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Non-Functional Testing

Non-Functional Testing

The aim of non-functional testing is to verify that the project’s non-functional requirements have been understood and tested to help de-risk the software.

The services which we offer in this area mainly include Performance Testing, Security Testing, Accessibility Testing and Infrastructure Testing, which can include tests for Disaster Recovery, Resilience Testing and more.

Often non-functional tests can also be automated and built into a delivery pipeline, so that we perform more of these tests, more often. When we do this, we spot problems earlier in the lifecycle and can look to address them before experienced by the end user.


Performance Testing

Based on the anticipated load and utilisation of your software, we help build a load model which can help when executing the tests, to verify that your service will meet demand. Included in this set of tests we also consider Soak / Endurance tests, which help us understand the impact of sustained traffic over a given period of time. We will also perform Stress Testing, which helps us understand break points and maximum capacity.

Security Testing

We perform Security Testing to help our clients understand and contain exposure to some of the risks associated with Digital Security. This can include tests such as Brute Force Attacks, Injection and Fuzzing attacks. Once completed, we help clients build confidence in the product prior to a full Penetration Test, where required.

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Testing is important to ensure that your expected target users are able to use the software you provide. At Deeper Than Blue, we use W3C guidelines to help us understand whether our clients meet the expected standards. We also use a number of tools, widely available, to help us validate that your system is going to be fit for use.

Infrastructure Testing

Testing of underlying Infrastructure is a key component of a project where infrastructure is new or changing. Infrastructure testing can include items such as Disaster Recovery (how the infrastructure recovers from outages), Resilience testing (how your services recover after an unexpected event).

By performing these types of tests, we can help clients gain a great understanding of the limitations and areas of risk associated with the infrastructure. It also helps understand if we have enough infrastructure and can help us find issues with configuration, which will need to be rectified prior to implementation.

If you would like to know more about our non-functional testing services, contact the Unify team here.

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