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HCL Commerce - Support

The software support table below includes information on HCL Commerce and HCL Commerce Cloud product lifecycles including year of introduction (GA – General Availability), the currently supported versions, and HCL Commerce end-of-software support dates when announced. We will update this table as new releases are introduced. If you would like to receive updates as they occur, please subscribe to our free support service newsletter emails. 

 HCL has adopted cumulative maintenance updates to maintain software stability, and security and to maximise your return from your HCL Commerce investment.

If you need support, assistance with an upgrade, or advice on any of these products, please use our online chat facility (UK business hours), book an appointment with the team.


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Product name Version General Availability End of support date
HCL Commerce V9.1.15.0 13th December 2023
HCL Commerce V9.1.14.1 25th October 2023
HCL Commerce V9.1.13.0 2nd June 2023
HCL Commerce V9.1.12.0 16th March 2023
HCL Commerce V9.1.11.0 21st July 2022
HCL Commerce V9.1.10.0 31st March 2022
HCL Commerce V9.1.9.0 25th January 2022
HCL Commerce V9.1.8.1 23rd December 2021
HCL Commerce V9.1.8.0 5th October 2021
HCL Commerce V9.1.7.0 23rd July 2021
HCL Commerce V9.1.6.0 31st March 2021
HCL Commerce V9.1.5.0 19th January 2021
HCL Commerce V9.1.4.0 10th December 2020
HCL Commerce V9.1.3.0 29th October 2020
HCL Commerce V9.1.2.0 1st September 2020
HCL Commerce V9.1.1.0 30th July 2020
HCL Commerce V9.1.0.0 – Initial HCL release 30th June 2020


IBM WebSphere Commerce and WebSphere Commerce Suite (WCS) – were acquired by HCL Technologies on the 30th of June 2019 from IBM Corporation.

WebSphere Commerce – Support

IBM developed and maintained several Editions for many years; WebSphere Commerce Express for Small to Medium (SMB) customers, WebSphere Commerce Professional for Retailers, and WebSphere Commerce Enterprise (previously known as Business Edition before version 6) for large businesses with multiple brands, geographies or needing to support business-to-business trading models.

We can assist you with WebSphere Commerce and review upgrade options as well as move you to a more modern infrastructure platform.  Please use our online chat facility (UK business hours), book an appointment with the team, or get in touch in the form below.

Product Name Version General Availability End of Support date (EoS)
WebSphere Commerce /HCL Commerce V9.0.1.0. to November 2018 to 5 July 2022
WebSphere Commerce V9.0.0.0. to December 2017 to 27 March 2019 HCL no longer maintains the v 9.0.0.x stream. Customers are recommended to move to stream v9.0.1.x
WebSphere Commerce/ Commerce on Cloud V8.0 with Mod Packs V8.0.4.0 FP 30





25th October 2023

WebSphere Commerce V7.0 6th November 2009 30th April 2020

Extended Support 30th April 2021

WebSphere Commerce V6.0 2006
WebSphere Commerce V5.6.1 2005 30th September 2010
WebSphere Commerce V5.6 2004 30th September 2007
WebSphere Commerce V5.5

V5.5 Express

2003 30th September 2006

30th April 2007

WebSphere Commerce Suite V5.4 2002 30th September 2005
WebSphere Commerce Suite V5.1 2002 30th September 2004
WebSphere Commerce Marketplace Edition V4.2 31st December2003
WebSphere Commerce Marketplace Edition V4.1 31st December2001


Prior to Version 4 the Product was known as Net.Commerce and had 4 versions (v1.0, v.2.0, v3.1, and 3.2).

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Our trusted history with HCL Commerce

The DeeperThanBlue team has been helping clients with the challenges of HCL Commerce software upgrades previously IBM WebSphere Commerce, migrations to new versions, and moving to the public cloud using Kubernetes with HCL Commerce Cloud technology. We have developed clearly defined processes and procedures to ensure a smooth transition from one version of HCL Commerce to the next during the upgrade process whilst also being able to assist with regression testing of your eCommerce applications. Our clients see us as a safe pair of hands and long-standing partner through trusted working relationships built over many years.

We recommend keeping up to date with software patches and fixes for HCl Commerce Cloud as well as ensuring you have an upgrade path clearly defined to ensure you don’t fall foul of running mission-critical applications on unsupported software versions. You can then benefit from taking advantage of the new features and improvements in the latest version of HCL Commerce eCommerce platform. 

  • Cloud-ready software able to run in private, public, and hybrid clouds using containers and Kubernetes lowering total cost of ownership 
  • Taking advantage of the HCL roadmap where new functionality and capabilities are released (usually 2-3 times per year) 
  • Flexible licensing options 
  • Performance improvements 
  • Increased security 



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