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Defect prevention, not defect detection

by DeeperThanBlue Unify

...De-risking the Implementation of Software!

A software testing business.
We focus on defect prevention using a test early, test often model.
This will provide anyone delivering software projects with the assurance they need to implement them successfully.

We are software testing specialists. Founded by people with passion and experience. Working within many industries such as retail, travel, finance and healthcare; on many systems including eCommerce, data management, order fulfilment, CRM, ERP…


Traditional software testing consultancies are focused on defect detection (finding an issue after it is already impacting the project). Whereas DeeperThanBlue Unify was created on the process of focusing on defect prevention (preventing issues from happening, so they have got the least detrimental impact on the project).


We believe this software testing model is critical to bring projects in on time, cost and quality!

Quality Software Testing overview

Our Approach to Quality

Everything we do is underpinned by our approach to quality – they are the principles that we work by. Some examples are:

  • Our Mantra: ‘Test Early, Test Often’ – ensuring quality throughout the process
  • Performing static testing – testing user stories and requirements before any code has been written – finding any potential issues before they have occurred – when it will have the least detrimental impact on the project
  • Using automation – strategically automating alongside manual testing to collaboratively to get the most out of both test disciplines

Our experience has shown us delivering consistent quality throughout the project and speed go hand in hand – by delivering better quality at each stage of the delivery pipeline, the project can go faster.

Services and Benefits

Everything we do is client focused on project delivery:

  • We deliver 3 key service areas (People, Technical Solutions, Tools)
  • These feed into the project teams
  • This in turn benefits the business

How do we know this approach works?

Here is an example of a deliver process pipeline – with the test phases running alongside each delivery phases:

Traditionally a lot of the test activity is focused on ‘Test’ and ‘Client Test’ area of the delivery pipeline but if issues are found in this area, they can cause significant risks and delays to time, cost and quality when being resolved


To de-risk this phase, we implement our defect prevention strategy, testing throughout the project. We use our test early, test often philosophy right throughout the deliver pipeline ensuring quality throughout. We overlay all this with transparent communication and immediate feedback loops.


Using this approach, our client has informed us that the improved quality experienced has may benefits including:

  • Keeping business confidence throughout the project.
  • Keeps trust as everyone is on the same page with quality.
  • Improves moral as there is a clear view of the status of the project.


As this approach to quality happens throughout the delivery process, this leads to a successful launch and improved customer satisfaction.

Measuring Progress

We are constantly measuring and gaining feedback throughout the project.


We measure test maturity using a customised test maturity matrix. The matrix measures test maturity by:

  • Each stage of delivery is assessed.
  • Test process and behavioural measures of each delivery stage are measured.
  • Each one is given a test maturity rating – from not in place, through to embedded practice.


This can identify test areas that are working well, and areas that need improvement.


In addition, the matrix can be presented on a dashboard for an overall status view.

Our Work:

SG Gaming - Streamlining Processes through Software Testing

Case Study

We worked with SG Games to streamline software delivery processes at an earlier stage, through development and testing to: increase efficiency of time, cost and quality to software platforms. Resulting in SG Games being able to aid delivery of their projects to market quicker, therefore their clients can benefit from new and improved functions at a faster pace.

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