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Whatever the size of your business, if you’re running on HCL Commerce we’re here to keep your organisation operating uninterrupted. Through our HCL Commerce support services, we help you focus on delivering your customer requirements regardless of project demands or traffic volumes.

Our passion lies in building a “one team” culture. We offer flexible services and can seamlessly integrate with your in-house teams or your existing third-party partners. We bring a cohesive approach to support and development that suits your current workflow and budget.

HCL Commerce Managed Commerce Support Options



When you choose DeeperThanBlue, you’ll benefit from our tried and tested onboarding process. That means a smooth transition, minimal disruptions and a fast start. Soon you’ll be unlocking business value from your platform using data-driven insights.

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Fixed Support Contracts:

Regardless of your choice in hyper-scalers (Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure) or on-premise solutions, at DeeperThanBlue we’re committed to making operational support stress-free and cost-effective for you.

With our fixed contracts, you can relax knowing that you have a reliable UK 24/7 partner by your side, ready to address your platform incidents whenever they arise.

Our HCL managed services ensure you not only sustain your business operations but also harness the power of your HCL Commerce software estate to drive your competitive advantage. Get in touch with our specialist team to discover more about our flexible support services and how we can help your business reach its full potential.

Monthly Development Retainers:

We work with you to define your goals, objectives and KPIs, mapping out a strategy for success. And we’re on hand to make the changes, tweaks and enhancements to help you perform every day.

Our monthly development retainer service provides expert and flexible UK-based developers to continually enhance your platform. We use data-driven insights to help you make the decisions that count and have the capability to make updates quickly and efficiently to drive your competitive advantage.

Our DevOps and QA processes ensure a development and deployment cadence that is one of the quickest cycle times worldwide. These can be tailored to meet your business needs, but we have successfully reduced the time to market of feature releases from historically four large deployments per year down to one every week/two weeks into production where appropriate.

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