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Build & Innovate

DeeperThanBlue provides design, development, testing and implementation services to help clients with their technology investments and digital transformation projects.

Development for the Digital World

Our design and development skills focus on a number of technologies from Open-Source to Enterprise Software vendors such as IBM, Microsoft, Google Cloud, HCL Commerce & DX, Big Commerce, and Magnolia to mention a few. We undertake bespoke application development as well as use market leading software packages to accelerate the implementation and provide robust, scalable solutions.

Our primary areas of expertise are in e-Commerce, Cloud Native Application Development & Modernisation, Mobile Applications, Cloud Business Applications and Systems Integration, Business Process Automation and Workflow, and Insight from Analytics.

Where clients require their own staff to be part of the development we mentor their team once they have undergone education and training.

We use Agile-based methodologies to develop and test our solutions.

We help clients operate and support these solutions both in the cloud and on-premise. Our view is that the hybrid-cloud is now becoming defacto for most organisations.


Bespoke Application Development

eCommerce Design & Development

Integration Design & Development

Mobile Design & Development

Business Automation Design & Development

Business Analytics Design & Development

Continuous Integration, Development & Testing

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