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Quality software is underpinned by quality testing. When testing is left too late, however, this can be costly – issues exposed when software is live can cost a business over 100 times more than when they are fixed in design stage. Why not read our Financial Impact of a Defect blog about this subject?

By revamping your approach to software implementation and testing early you can:

  • Catch any bugs and issues quickly to reduce any required reworking and ensure you deliver to plan

  • Deliver quality software to generate customer satisfaction and enhance business profitability

Our approach focusses not just on testing early but testing often to prevent defects. We help you to revamp your software testing to guarantee that continuous testing happens throughout the development pipeline. Your software testing will soon become world class.

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Specialist software testing solutions

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To fully implement the right test early, test often methodology and to avoid the costs of defects being found too late, it’s sometimes necessary to review the entire software delivery process and test strategy. Why not read our Continuous Testing – the oil for successful software delivery blog about this subject?

To help businesses evolve, transform and begin to deliver world class software testing we provide a specialist software testing service, that includes:

  • Access to test specialists

  • Ongoing technical and performance testing

  • Selection and implementation of the right suite of software testing tools

We help you to deliver quality software enabling you to release with confidence. Your brand and image will be protected, and your customers satisfied.

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Case Studies

Case Study

We began working with AJ Bell during a transitional period for the company, whereby they needed to scale their engineering capabilities whilst still maintaining their clear quality first approach. As the business was evolving a number of new staff members had joined the team. All team members, both new and existing, needed to be up-skilled with the same unified approach to software testing.

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Case Study

We worked with SG Games to streamline software delivery processes at an earlier stage, through development and testing to: increase efficiency of time, cost and quality to software platforms. Resulting in SG Games being able to aid delivery of their projects to market quicker, therefore their clients can benefit from new and improved functions at a faster pace.

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Case Study

University of Manchester: the internal eLearning department within the university was tasked with ensuring the correct implementation of a third-party online education tool. Updates were periodically provided, resulting in the eLearning team being tasked with understand how the upgraded software would work for the needs of their students.

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