Shopify v BigCommerce Comparison

Shopify is a great starter platform for any business looking to start-up an eCommerce function however, is it going to be the perfect fit for you now and for the next 5 or more years?

Ultimately once you make this commitment it needs to be long term and not just a short-term stopgap. If you’ve already made the decision to move onto Shopify have you taken into consideration all of the other platforms on the market and what restrictions you may encounter?
Is there better suited platform that you may not have considered that may be a better fit for your business?


There is so many eCommerce platforms out there it takes a lot of time to go through them to understand all of their capabilities and also cut through all the clever marketing material to understand what you’re actually going get for your investment.

To help you on this journey as an eCommerce agency we have compared some of the Best eCommerce platforms available on the market today and in this example we’re going to be comparing Shopify against BigCommerce.

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Comparison between Shopify and BigCommerce

eCommerce Plan Commercial Comparison

Included in all plans Shopify BigCommerce
Transaction Fees 2.4%-2.9% + $0.30, plus transaction fees from any third-party payment gateway. 0% – No transaction fees
Product, File storage and bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Staff accounts Limited to 5 at Basic plan Unlimited


Sales Channels including Marketplaces & Social Networks

Channel Shopify BigCommerce
Branded Online Store Yes Yes – All Plans
eBay & Amazon Limited to Clothing and accessories (you can still sell other products categories but they will need to be listed on Amazon directly then linked back to your store). Yes – All Plans
Point of sale Yes other transaction rates may apply Yes – All Plans
Facebook & Instagram No – via integration Yes – All Plans
Google Shopping No– via integration Yes – All Plans


Standard Features

Features Shopify BigCommerce
Responsive Website on all themes Yes Yes – All Themes
Single Page checkout No – Third part integration Yes – All Plans
Apple pay, Google pay, Amazon pay Yes – Other fees may apply Yes – All Plans
Coupons, Discounts & Gift cards Yes Limited per store Yes – All Plans
Real time shipping quotes No – via Integration with additional subscription Yes – All Plans
Professional reporting tools Yes Yes – All Plans
Blog Yes Yes – All Plans
Product ratings and reviews No – via integration Yes – All Plans
Free sitewide HTTPs and dedicated SSL Yes Yes – All Plans
ShipperHQ Shipping rules engine Yes Yes
Customer groups and segmentation Yes Yes – Plus plan and up
Abandoned cart saver Yes – Limited Yes – Plus plan and up
Persistent cart No – via integration Yes – Plus plan and up
Stored credit cards No Yes – Plus plan and up
Google customer reviews No – via integration Yes – Pro plan and up
Faceted search (product filtering) No – via integration Yes – Pro plan and up
Custom SSL included Yes Yes – Pro plan and up
Custom Facets (product filtering) Yes Yes – Enterprise plan
Price Lists Yes Yes – Enterprise plan


Service & Support

Service Levels Shopify BigCommerce
24/7 Live agent support Yes Yes – All Plans
Express routing, priority support,
and strategic account management available
Yes Yes – Enterprise plan
API Support Yes Yes – Enterprise plan


Payment Processing

Payment Fees
No Transaction Fees to use leading payment gateways 2.4%-2.9% + $0.30, plus transaction fees from any third-party payment gateway. 0% – No transaction fees
(optional) Special credit card rates from PayPal powered by Braintree No – Pricing discourages using anything outside of Shopify’s own payment gateway. Yes – All Plans


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