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Curtail ReGrade – Test Early, Test Always

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Software bugs can be incredibly costly and can impact both customer experience and brand reputation

“Nearly 25% of organisations experience critical/customer-impacting production issues on a daily or weekly basis. Over 50% spend a day or more per week troubleshooting code-related issues.” – 2020 State of Software Quality Report
Detecting software faults in today’s complex application environments is challenging.  Detecting issues earlier saves time and money. Finding them prior to roll out into production is the holy grail of Quality Engineering.

How can you find them early and identify the root cause to optimise development and testing remediation?

ReGrade builds on the UNIFY philosophy of “Test Early, Test Often” with the capability to shift testing left and right to deliver value to both the project and business.  ReGrade detects, records, and reports differences and defects in software behaviour between different versions of software in real-time without the risk of deploying faults.

Without the need for any scripted tests to be written or developed, this new technology provides DevOps and release teams with an automated solution for evaluating release candidate behaviour against real, production traffic before going live.

Implementing ReGrade helps to find defects 3-5x faster and reduces the cost and complexity of fixing the defects by 30-50%. This assures quality at velocity.

What are the benefits of ReGrade? 

  • ReGrade uses actual production traffic and routes it to both the live and release candidate software. 
  • ReGrade can readily see differences between versions and accept or fix a release candidate to prevent costly business disruption.
  • ReGrade uses comparative analysis to show expected behaviour changes to validate previous fixes and upgrades, thus improving operational efficiency and quality at any stage of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

This approach ensures no risk to the user experience as defects can be identified prior to product release. The root cause can be instantly pinpointed in even the most complex of systems, predicting software behaviour using real-time evidence-based intelligence.

Why choose Unify?

IT and technical software solutions are never without their problems, even the best technical solutions have bugs. But what happens when these are found too late? How much is using poor quality IT systems costing your business? What is the impact on your end users?

At DeeperThanBlue Unify, we make sure your technical solution will work from day one.

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