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User Interface Test Automation

Why Automate?

Automation can often be seen as a silver bullet to improve test efficiency, and it can be – as long as it is planned correctly and used in line with the Automation Pyramid approach.

Usage of UI automation tools focused on critical user flows, together with well-structured functions can provide a meaningful level of automation alongside manual testing and will help get the most out of both test disciplines. Automating strategically in this way will give the best balance of investment in resources and ensure clear results are delivered.


What we offer

We will investigate the business requirements for an automation package and identify the most appropriate framework for these requirements, from the tech stack, resource knowledge and experience – all the way to results reporting and CI/CD integration.

We look at these key components to identify what the best framework and packages are required:

  • Tech Stack (How is the application build and the user’s experience?)
  • Testing Requirements (What level of complexity are the test scenarios?)
  • Budget (What are the costs of each tool and associated work?)
  • Skill (What level of skill is in the organisation? Can we upskill your test team?

This means will can deliver the following:

  • An automation framework that can be utilised and built specifically to interact with your organisation’s tech stack.
  • Automated test scripts that comply with your current testing standards.
  • Build and Integration into a CI/CD environment to reduce delivery time and increase application quality.
  • Training your current test team to utilise and iterate on the framework.
  • Complete documentation for the framework, including guides and standards

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