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Smartphone adoption is said to reach 2.5 billion in 2019 and Google are already witnessing over 50% of searches, with the number actually believed to be closer to 60%,  from a mobile device. Of course this can vary by industry sector and by country. But one thing is for sure is that it’s only increasing.

85% of 16-75 years olds in the UK own or have access to a smartphone (source Deloitte 7th annual Mobile Consumer Survey). We have all experienced the smartphone ‘zombies’ walking down the street and commuting on public transport.

However the other major increase is the amount of time we spend on the device each day. Apple, Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers are building in alerts to prompt and feedback on our usage.

With all of this in mind never has it been more important to make sure that your mobile experience is engaging, entertaining and creates magic moments that keep consumers coming back for more. No longer is it acceptable to provide a mobile version of your desktop web-site or a me-too app. Mobile only or Mobile first is the way forward for this digital experience.

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Our latest work:

Case Study

Andertons Music – Making their digital channels Rock

Andertons Music Co. is a global music brand with a reach extending well beyond the British Isles. Their online store has become an international destination, but perhaps an even bigger phenomenon is Andertons TV.

With over 60% of most UK e-commerce traffic being on mobile, Andertons Music new they had to up the beat with their digital transformation. The original site wasn’t optimised for consumer mobile devices and tablets. Working with DeeperThanBlue and their creative agency we designed a new user experience and new branding to engage consumers in the brand, help them find products easily on the small form factor and purchase quickly to ensure no loss in conversion.

The solution was built on IBM’s WebSphere Commerce on Cloud offering and is run on the IBM Cloud (Softlayer) with DeeperThanBlue providing AMS support.

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Case Study

Beauty Pie (Foam & Substance) Building the Pie

Featured in Grazia, The Guardian, The Times, Harpers Bazaar and many more we have helped build a new entrant to the beauty and cosmetics market with the team at Beauty Pie. They’re a digital disruptor, one like you read about and hear about in presentations and the TV.

In 2016 we developed and launched their initial ecommerce offering into the UK and US marketplace but since then we have been working with Beauty Pie on a continuous development programme. The collaborative team work on two-week sprints and deployments from a continuous pipeline improving the offering and features to their consumers proving that even enterprise ecommerce platforms can be agile.

Rigorous testing of the solution is key in order to maintain product quality and confidence with consumers.

This solution was delivered on IBM’s Commerce on Cloud offering powered by WebSphere Commerce and is supported 24*7 by DeeperThanBlue.

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Case Study

Express Gifts – Studio & Ace

One of the largest online value retailers in the UK. Whilst historically catalogue based, over 68% of customers now shop on the web, mobile and through the call centre channels for their broad range of fashion, home and leisure items, toys and gifts. Serving 1.8m customers annually and, growing at double-digit, driving Findel Group performance.

Developed and launched on IBM WebSphere Commerce with DeeperThanBlue in 2016 the team continue to extend the proposition from a backlog and planned development pipeline feeding monthly sprints and releases. This is not your simple everyday mobile ecommerce site. Consumers are offered credit options for payment and therefore the integration and scoring services required to provide an instant credit decision at checkout are key.

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