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IBM Cognos Analytics Pricing

IBM Cognos Analytics Pricing

As a Gold Business Partner, DeeperThanBlue, will work closely with you to asses your specific Cognos Analytics requirements to negotiate the best purchasing option for your needs.

Pricing IBM software is not always as straight forward as one would hope. With numerous factors such as, deployment configuration, order value, size of current IBM software estate, all bearing effect on the final price.

At DeeperThanBlue we operate a consultative approach when sizing your software license requirements to ensure you get what you need and remain fully compliant with IBM’s licensing terms.

If your organisation is new to IBM and therefore does not hold any of their software we will guide you through the process to ensure a smooth on boarding process and in many cases will secure a discount from the standard list pricing, owing to our close partner relationship.

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IBM Global Financing, Your Way to Start Now

Spread your payments

IBM Global Financing can help you spread the cost of your investment including software, services, systems and solutions.

Get faster internal rate of return

By not tying up capital costs upfront your Cognos investment can deliver a positive cash flow.

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Shorter payback period compared to upfront payment.


Licenses are controlled via roles as shown below.

License role Description
Analytics Administrators Members have the same access permissions as Analytics Explorers. They can also access the IBM Software Development Kit.
Analytics Explorers Members have the same access permissions as Analytics Users. They can also access Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel, Cognos Framework Manager, Cognos Cube Designer and Dynamic Query Analyzer, and Transformer.
Analytics Users Members can create new reports, dashboards, stories, new jobs, data server/source connections, or data modules. They can execute reports, respond to prompts, and upload files. They can also access Cognos for Microsoft Office, Cognos Workspace, Cognos Event Studio, Cognos Query Studio, and Cognos Analysis Studio.

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