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Benefits of Business Analytics to Organisations

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Why use Business Analytics within your Organisation?

Using Analytics gives you the ability to turn masses of raw data into meaningful, actionable insights which allows your business to make better decisions and in turn, increases your business value. Technology has now reached a level of maturity that allows reliable, timely insights to be available right in the hands of decision makers. The better the insights, the better the business performance. Simple.

What is the opportunity for you?

The opportunity for you is, to let us combine our analytical capabilities with our systems knowledge and business expertise to provide an end-to-end service, coupled with our integration capabilities to produce insights which will help your business ‘make a difference’. We support our clients on their journey through analytics maturity by helping them See, Plan, Predict and Automate the outcomes of their business processes. It doesn’t matter what stage you are at with your current analytical capabilities, whether, the majority of businesses are still struggling with Excel or are ready to use more predictive modelling and advanced techniques of machine learning, we can provide help and support to ensure our clients are on the right track.

Why chose DeeperThanBlue?

We are an IBM Premier Business Partner and have been for years We are “real people” while we’re a business, people come first! We don’t use jargon, we use real facts and real world “proven” solutions We listen to our customers and help them figure out where to focus We have helped SMEs to Large Enterprises We keep our eyes on technology changes in the industry and are committed to the future Business nowadays is about being agile, targeted and simplifying processes We can help you deliver results at “your pace” For a range of business functions from finance, sales, Ops, Marketing and HR

What is our offering in the marketplace

We offer a range of services including Solutions, Software, Consultancy and Support Solutions:

Software: The range of IBM Business Analytics Software, On premise or on Cloud

We provide planning and analytics that helps align your organisational goals, to allow all your different teams to play their part in making your organisation more successful. See below different areas Analytics can work in and in turn, work together:

Finance Sales Operations Marketing HR
Strategic Financial Plans Sales Forecasting Inventory Planning Customer Profitability Headcount Planning
P&L / Balance Sheet Sales Dashboards Capacity Planning Product Profitability Training and Development
Cashflow Forecasting Sales Channel Analysis Operational KPIs Campaign Scorecards Workforce KPIs
Enterprise Scorecards Price / Volume Analysis Driver Based Planning Social Media Analysis Activity Based Planning


Why IBM is the leader with its technology and the technologies that DeeperThanBlue cover

IBM Analytics has been identified as a Leader in the both the recent Forrester and the BARC Score for the completeness and ability to execute across the entire Business Intelligence (BI) and DS spectrum. Clients and Analysts that have seen the entire IBM Business Analytics and Data Science story see tremendous value in the IBM Analytics Lifecycle. (Source IBM Partnerworld)

Client references

In Retail: We implemented TM1 for Buying Budgets, Breaking down £1.5Bn spend into Product Classes, Brand Types, Genders, Seasonalities and by Week, allowing integrated planning to control buying from a top down perspective across separate business units The next step was to implement Stores and Web Budgeting covering over 1000 retail stores, and over 150 websites broken into countries, this will allow a holistic view of geographic coverage and performance versus budgets with rolling forecasts. Find out more by reading the case study in Our Work.   Ready to find out more? Please contact Simon Harrison [email protected]

+44 (0) 7949 763 848

Also, why not watch our animation of how Analytics can be appropriate for your company! 

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