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Test Planning

Test Planning

The aim of Test Policy and planning is to ensure your teams can deliver on time, within budget and scope.  It provides a means of clearly understanding your risk profile and informs project and business decisions.

Unify consultants work with you to define the overall approach to quality and how this will be delivered. Typical areas we work in are:

Test Policy

Ensuring that the direction of testing and quality practices is defined and becomes the basis of QA delivery for all projects. Our consultants will clearly define and communicate policy throughout the project.

The test policy defines the structure of testing and provides a consistent approach for the programme of work.

Test Planning

Our consultants use test planning to agree the design of testing and to agree appropriate process and quality gates which will give the project clear visibility of progress, issues and associated risk. is a continuous activity that needs to respond to changing requirements?  Our consultants have a wealth of knowledge which will help your projects to stay on track.

Test Strategy

It is important that the test strategy works in your context and defines your test methodology for your projects.  Fitness for purpose and appropriate approach are paramount in our approach.  We live and operate in the real world rather than subscribing to unachievable ivory tower ideals.  Our approach evaluates practical strategies such as the relevance of risk-based testing, the relative importance of different testing phases and the importance of test environments and data.

The Test Plan is a living document which is maintained through the delivery cycle to encompass changing scope, budget and timeframes and provide focus on hot issues which need prompt evaluation.

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