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Journey to faster promotional agility with headless commerce

Adopting a headless approach to your eCommerce platform will offer plenty of opportunities.

The term ‘headless’ means different things to different people but in essence, it allows you to be in complete control of the customer-facing element of your eCommerce store. Lots of platform providers profess to be headless but not all of them truly are.

Here are the 3 key benefits:

  1. Multiple Channels and Platforms – with the ever increasing number of points you can sell your product from (mobile, tablet, Amazon, eBay, social media etc), the headless approach will allow you to distribute your content from a single backend much more easily.  You can spend your time on producing great new content as opposed to spending that time ensuring you distribute the same content across multiple touch points.
  2. Flexibility – a lot of developers find a traditional architecture restrictive, but headless removes these restrictions to some extent. It allows you the freedom to use a front end that best suits your business and development teams’ expertise, providing freedom of choice.
  3. Scalability – a headless architecture allows you to keep your frontend and backend separated, enabling you to easily upgrade and customise digital assets without compromising on performance…your system can grow easily as you grow!


We at DeeperThanBlue help companies on their journey to increase digital revenues and decrease costs through the introduction and better use of technology.  We have experience in creating strategies as well as delivering on existing strategies of all sizes, feel free to take a look at some of our work or contact us if you’re looking for an independent partner to help you succeed.

Get some more detail about the benefits of a headless approach here.

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