The Richmond Fellowship Scotland

Empowering Independence: The Richmond Fellowship Scotland’s Compassionate Care for Diverse Needs

The Richmond Fellowship Scotland (TRFS) is a charity which supports around 2500 people across Scotland. At the heart of their mission is a commitment to fostering independence, ensuring that each person they work with can thrive in the comfort of their own homes and communities.

TRFS are the largest provider of social care services across Scotland. Providing personalised, high-quality community-based support services for those who require support in their lives.

Some may have mental health difficulties, learning disabilities or autism. Others may have dementia, alcohol or drug issues or forensic background.


Why choose DeeperThanBlue

TRFS wanted to work with a partner to enhance their team’s expertise in both data warehousing and Microsoft Power BI. The objective was to elevate their capabilities, leading to an augmentation in the creation of dashboards and self-service reports. This initiative aimed to diminish reliance on traditional spreadsheet methods, promoting a more efficient and advanced approach to data visualisation and analysis.

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As an integral component of the business, the Learning and Development department plays a crucial role in upholding high levels of compliance within the organisation. Their main responsibilities are tracking and reporting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), certifications, and training initiatives. The primary source of this vital data was the Learning Pool software system. To enhance its reporting capabilities, TRFS wanted to transition from their existing reporting framework to Microsoft Power BI.

TRFS engaged DTB to provide flexible and tailored Power BI mentoring in their pursuit of a seamless transition. This partnership aimed not only to address the specific technical challenges they faced but also to empower their team with the skills and knowledge needed to leverage the capabilities of Power BI fully. The collaboration with DTB served as a strategic initiative to optimise reporting processes, ensuring that the Learning and Development department could continue to meet and exceed compliance standards effectively.


By leveraging regular review sessions, TRFS engaged in open discussions about their Power BI pain points. Through these collaborative sessions, DTB offered valuable guidance, coaching, and expert advice to address and resolve these challenges.  

The proactive engagement with DTB resulted in significant efficiency improvements in the generation and utilisation of reports. TRFS not only benefited from streamlined processes but also gained invaluable insights and knowledge to navigate and overcome any potential similar challenges in the future. This partnership not only addressed immediate concerns but also served as a foundation for continuous improvement and enhanced data management strategies for TRFS. 


TRFS saw a clear ROI (Return of Investment) from the collaboration. Not only did they see a saving in development time. But also, were able to demonstrate clear time saving due to reduction in report production time. Leveraging advanced skills in Power Query, DAX, and Power BI, TRFS achieved an elevated level of expertise, ultimately contributing to an enhanced customer experience.

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