Beauty Pie – Building a market disrupter

Growth, success and accolades

Beauty Pie is the luxury beauty buyers club that’s challenging mainstream luxury brands and is the first of its kind for beauty addicts. Members have access to luxury products from the world’s leading beauty laboratories, but at affordable prices.

The Beauty Pie story

The brainchild of industry-expert Marcia Kilgore, who also founded Bliss Spa, Soap & Glory and most recently Soaper Duper. Kilgore wanted to challenge the status-quo in luxury beauty and show the industry that luxury beauty products didn’t need an extortionate price tag.

Kilgore created Beauty Pie, a membership service that produces and ships beauty essentials at factory prices.

Beauty Pie’s mission is to bring their members the world’s best luxury beauty products, and to make them available at a totally transparent factory cost; all the make-up without the markup.

Well received

Initially launched in UK and US markets, Beauty Pie has received rave reviews from beauty editors and customers alike and continues to grow its membership base and following.

What was the objective?

To launch an online subscription-based online cosmetics service for its members.

To quickly build a community and a fanbase was key, so that ‘snackable’ content could be shared on social media channels and the customers would become the ambassadors of the brand.

To produce a monthly membership model that was simple to understand and transparent for customers to use and purchase against their entitlement.

What was the challenge?

To help Beauty Pie develop and launch a new business with best-in-class eCommerce technology with IBM WebSphere Commerce on Cloud.

To design and build a user experience that would capture beauty fans and encourage them to become brand advocates.

To provide an eCommerce platform that was capable of launching in new markets quickly and allow for products to be purchased under a subscription model at factory cost.

To enable flexibility in the subscription model with holidays and top-ups so that customers can easily control their spending.

What was the outcome?

From launch, the Beauty Pie brand has received a great reaction in the media. It’s been featured in international magazines, media outlets and newspapers such as Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Grazia, E-news, The Telegraph and The Mail on Sunday.

Customers have embraced the brand and the business model. Bloggers feature and review both the site experience and products on a regular basis helping grow the reach and awareness both sides of the pond.