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AMAG Technology: Security Today’s 2020 New Product of the Year - Turning unused data into valuable assets

AMAG Technology offers a powerful and diverse unified security platform that encompasses visitor management, incident and case management and command and control. This provides a consumable, flexible system and allows businesses to effectively secure their facilities, transform their operations and meet compliance.

Working alongside DeeperThanBlue, AMAG Technology was able to get the maximum value from unused data.

DeeperThanBlue Analytics was engaged to support the development of a Business Intelligence Solution to analyse employee activity using a risk-score methodology. Businesses now know which employees, contractors and other identities may pose the highest risk to security.

The final solution was awarded Security Today’s 2020 New Product of the Year. An award that honours the outstanding product development achievements of security equipment manufacturers whose products are considered to be particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve security.




AMAG Technology was collecting huge volumes of data in relation to the activities and movements of employees on site. This included time of day, location and access to specific areas. The real value of this data was yet to be realised, with little insights gleamed from it.

DeeperThanBlue Analytics was engaged to support the development of a Business Intelligence Solution to turn this unused data into valuable insights, due to our background and expertise in big data and business intelligence.


By collaborating with AMAG Technology, DeeperThanBlue Analytics implemented key steps to build out the Business Intelligence Solution. This involved extending the SQL server base to create structured data to enable classification, benchmarking and statistical analysis.

Microsoft Power BI was then used to provide a powerful and rich interactive user experience.

Specifically, the solution contained the following features:

Analysis of individual behaviour patterns to identify anomalies.

Integration with existing AMAG Symmetry solution.

Open design, with explainable algorithms which was heavily customisable and able to be adapted to the ongoing needs of each business that uses the platform.

Dashboards within the solution provide the security team with an at-a-glance look at identities with the highest risk scores. Scores are generated based on the reader location, time of day and a user’s access patterns. AMAG Symmetry Business Intelligence helps to easily identify the employees, contractors and other identities that may pose the highest risk to a company.

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Through the ongoing collaboration between AMAG Technology and DeeperThanBlue Analytics, data that was once unused now provides essential, valuable and ongoing business insights enabling business risk to be assessed by security teams at a glance.

The New Product of the Year Award from Security Today honours outstanding product development achievement. And we truly believe that this is what has been created by working alongside DeeperThanBlue. It is something outstanding.  

The Business Intelligence Solution that was developed, is not only outstanding in that it enhances the security of any business that uses it, but also in the way that existing data has been used to create something of such untapped potential for the future of security. This is true business intelligence, and an outstanding use of data.  

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