COVID-19: Impact to Regrowth – Retail Forecasting in a Changed World

How can retail evolve and grow through its toughest time for decades?

It might seem obvious to say, but the last 12 months have had a massive impact on businesses. This has been particularly the case with retail. The pandemic has wrought huge changes on the way we do things. 

And there have been wildly differing effects experienced by retailers. There will certainly be casualties and there will no doubt be those that gain. We’ve already seen this, with corporate giants mopping up profits online and through the current concentration of physical retail into a more limited pool. There will also be those businesses that have been so badly damaged that, if not already gone, they may limp on, mortally wounded, until the shutters finally go down.

Of course, it’s still an important story to be told. This is particularly important where the surface impact hides a deeper, structural problem that may be about to affect all retail business, large or small. 


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