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Blog - 16 October 2020

How to Automate your Testing for FREE!

Unify Automate your Testing for FREE Automating your tests, as a developer or a tester, is critical to becoming efficient in delivering the software testing activities that are relevant to your project. The testing tool market, however, is saturated with

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Blog - 18 September 2020

The Test Automation Pyramid, your essential Guide for Test Automation

The Test Automation Pyramid: your essential Guide for Test Automation Test Automation has not only grown in popularity and usage over recent years, it has also grown in terms of potential solutions and ways to implement. Software providers now rely

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Blog, In The Media, News, Press Releases - 26 August 2020

DeeperThanBlue has been shortlisted for 4 UK eCommerce Awards!

We’re delighted to announce that DeeperThanBlue has been shortlisted for four awards at the 2020 UK eCommerce Awards. Having originally been scheduled for March with a showpiece event, the UK eCommerce Awards will now be held for the very first

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Blog - 12 August 2020

9 Techniques to Manage Your Test Data Strategy

When testing it’s crucial to make sure that your test data covers the full range of testing required. During the testing process, often data is required to change. In some instances it can become invalid. To combat this, we implement

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Blog - 05 August 2020

Digital Transformation: Subscribing to eCommerce

While many businesses could see it coming, the 23rd March 2020 still sent shockwaves across the country. As the nation went into lockdown and people retreated indoors, the UK economy experienced a seismic shift, especially within Digital Transformation. And retailers

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Blog - 28 July 2020

Mapping your essential metrics for API Management

API management is vital for the future of your organisation. Distributing, controlling and analysing the APIs that connect applications and data across your business and across clouds is fundamental for the growth, flexibility and agility of your business. Without structured

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Blog - 18 June 2020

HCL Commerce & Google Cloud Platform Partnership

HCL Commerce has recently agreed a strategic partnership with Google Cloud. We explore what this means and how it will benefit customers. A Partner View…What does this mean for invested customers? The partnership will make Google Cloud HCL’s preferred cloud platform

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Blog - 05 June 2020

Implementing the right Strategy for Application Modernisation

Application Modernisation. Is it an industry buzzword or an essential step-change for your business? When faced with legacy systems, disparate technologies and the increasing demand for tailored experiences from your customers, application modernisation and the requirement for cloud technologies truly

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Blog - 04 June 2020

Data Visualisation: 7 Essential Points

Why Data Visualisation is essential for your business Data. We all know the value of it, but how many businesses are really making the best use of their data? It constantly flows in and out, more and more is being

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