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Blog - 07 November 2019

How to Choose the Right Digital eCommerce Partner

When beginning your digital eCommerce journey, it’s so important that you choose the right technical partner. The best choice at this stage will ensure you kick-start your journey in the strongest possible position, with the potential to achieve your key

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Blog - 24 October 2019

How to make the right choice of digital eCommerce platform

Digital eCommerce is big business and the opportunities are significant. To survive and thrive, businesses need to be agile to adapt fast to ever changing trends, requirements and customer expectations.

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Blog - 12 September 2019

The Financial Impact of Software Defects

Financial Impact from Software Defects can be avoided by focusing on defect prevention and using continuous testing throughout the software delivery. It’s the best way of avoiding high cost defects being found as part of your release cycle…   This

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Blog - 10 September 2019

Continuous Testing – the oil for successful software delivery

The Problem Many businesses and software providers are still struggling to release quality code from software delivery cycles. Testing is very often still seen as an afterthought, or at best, an additional task that needs to be done – which

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Blog - 29 August 2019

eCommerce Replatforming: Why? A guide to why you would replatform.

An eCommerce replatform is the process where an online business, such as a retailer or business to business (B2b), changes from one platform to another. For example, an online retailer moves from Magento to BigCommerce or from Magento 1 to

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Blog - 30 July 2019

AI in the Retail World

AI is not just about ‘Chatbots’ and automated online customer service It can be an essential way to manage your customer experience and fulfilment based on what your customers have done before or intend to do next. Using AI can

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Blog - 15 July 2019

Personalisation and Experimentation on a global scale

Highly personalising content is something eommerce companies are implementing various technologies to achieve, as a way of improving the experience for their customers! This can be anything from product recommendations to increase basket size to providing a completely personalised homepage.

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Blog - 05 July 2019

DeeperThanBlue Joins BigCommerce Partner Program to Provide Mid-Market Proposition to Online Retailers

DeeperThanBlue helps fast-growing businesses scale and sell more online with BigCommerce   SHEFFIELD – DeeperThanBlue today announced a partnership with BigCommerce to help retailers grow faster and lower their total cost of platform ownership using an ecommerce SaaS cloud delivery

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Blog - 01 July 2019

Journey to faster promotional agility using the ‘Headless’ approach

Adopting a ‘Headless’ approach to your ecommerce platform will offer plenty of opportunities…    The term Headless means different things to different people but in essence, it allows you to be in complete control of the customer facing element of

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