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Driving today’s customer experience

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to provide your customers with a seamless experience. From ordering online, checking the status of an order via your app, or engaging with you at point of sale your customer experience must be tailored, smooth and consistent. And as consumers continue to integrate their favourite retail brands into their day-to-day lives, APIs are driving many of these interactions and transactions.

With the right APIs in place and a customer experience that’s on-point, you’ll keep your users engaged, happy and coming back for more. But with a disjointed user experience that fails to meet the needs of your customer base, you’ll lose them to your competitors. Managing your APIs and keeping everything finely tuned is the challenge.



The consistency conundrum

When things move quickly, how do you ensure all your customer facing channels are consistent? Say a user wants to pay using one channel, receive items using a second, or return items using a third. How do you guarantee each of your systems are working in tandem? A shared inventory for example will mean customers have complete up-to-date access to all products however they choose to shop. A complete order history across all channels means a seamless customer experience. And to achieve this, it is essential to plan, orchestrate, manage and secure your API suites to drive your business forward and meet the ongoing and changing needs of your users.

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Seamless API management and an enhanced customer experience

CXOne is our integrated API management engine, providing you with a seamless and scalable solution to manage your API suite, connect with your customers, and streamline your internal operations. And by enhancing your customer experience, we help you to find your competitive advantage.

We provide you with the foundation to:

  • Secure your API

  • Manage your APIs

  • Test and monitor your APIs

  • Create new APIs

Tailored solutions powered by IBM

Fundamental to our CXOne solution is IBM API Connect. API Connect is a complete, modern, intuitive and scalable API platform with the ability to create, securely expose, manage and monetise APIs across clouds to power digital applications and spur innovation. CXOne takes this a step further providing you with essential API lifecycle and ecosystem support, underpinning your next stage of business growth through innovative customer experience and seamless API management.

Our flexible and bespoke approach

We understand the need to cater for the needs of a changing and demanding customer, when faced with an unpredictable landscape as well as your unique set of APIs and internal operational requirements. Our tailored approach sees us work alongside you to create a solution that works for the needs of your customers and staff. We also know that things can change in an instant, which is why you need the flexibility and agility to thrive. Our scalable solutions give you the platform to do exactly that.

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