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DeeperThanBlue launches Analytics division


DeeperThanBlue today launched its Analytics division, helping businesses turn data into insights to drive performance and growth.

Whilst many companies may have invested in Business Intelligence technologies over the years, very few have a joined-up journey from their investments. Many are still at the ‘See’ stage of Analytics, akin to looking in the rear-view mirror of the car rather than progressing into the next stages of the journey which are ‘Plan’ and Predict’ and yield greater return on investment.

Chris Booker, Sales & Marketing Director at DeeperThanBlue said, “By establishing the analytics practice we can offer the full range of capabilities from Commerce, Middleware through to insights from Analytics, this gives us the ability to build on the data that we generate for clients, through to providing business insights with decision support capabilities to ensure that our clients achieve the best possible business outcomes.”

As a business that was born in the cloud era and an IBM Partner, DeeperThanBlue are well positioned to help clients adopt the latest Analytic technologies rather than be held back by internal processes, the business needing to gain capital expenditure (cap-ex) approval and wrestling with traditional departmental solutions. DeeperThanBlue Analytics solutions take days to provision rather than months, which is a common hurdle with internal systems provisioning and as a team they help organisations avoid IT’s current backlog. DeeperThanBlue Analytics focus on innovation and continuous delivery of capability on a regular delivery cycle providing low risk projects with fast payback.

DeeperThaBlue Analytics offers a range of services including Solutions, Software, Consultancy and AMS Support with clients in Retail, Manufacturing, Wholesale and Distribution as well as Logistics. The division will be lead by Simon Harrison as Head of Analytics.

Simon brings with him a wealth of industry experience having worked in senior finance roles within retail and manufacturing for the past two decades, with deep knowledge of systems implementation, performance management, management reporting, commercial finance and business analytics.

With the Global Cloud Business Analytics Market expected to grow from USD 8.7 billion 2016 to USD 41.9 billion by the end of 2024 (compound annual growth rate of 21.7%) – the need for advanced mobility, agile and adaptable platforms are some of the factors largely attributing to this market growth.

Tony Gallardo-Vega, CTO at DeeperThanBlue commented, “We have been building our analytics capabilities over the last couple of years, in response to client demand and to leverage the advantage that cognitive and artificial intelligence capabilities from technologies such as IBM Watson provide to our clients.”


About DeeperThanBlue

DeeperThanBlue is specialist consultancy in digital transformation since its inception seven years ago, leveraging unrivalled subject-matter expertise and best-in-class technology to truly modernise and transform business’ digital solution ecosystem. 

As specialists in eCommerce, business intelligence and analytics, cloud computing and application integration and modernization, DeeperThanBlue has an end-to-end understanding of solution design, implementation and development as well as digital planning and strategySome of DeeperThanBlue’s longest standing members have direct handson experience of over 20 years with marketleading software and solutions, setting them apart as leaders in digital transformation. 

From their offices in Sheffield and Manchester, United Kingdom, DeeperThanBlue has supported clients in a variety of sectors such as retail, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution, FMCG, insurance, hospitality, logistics and more to disrupt in their market. 

Founded in 2014DeeperThanBlue’s mission is to radically improve our clients’ business performance, using cutting edge techniques and a cloud native/first approach and a carefully selected team of experts. 

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