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#BAF.digital Webinars!


We’re excited to be hosting a series of webinars as we adapt to current circumstances, to run alongside our Business Analytics Forum #BAF face-to-face events.

The webinars include a great range of guest speakers, the DeeperThanBlue team and a section for Q&A – sign up on the form below to be the first to know of upcoming dates and topics!

#BAF Quick Overview

Upcoming #BAF.digital Webinar - on AI!

‘How to get started with an AI journey?’ by Sherin Mathew Founder of AI Tech North and the DeeperThanBlue team!

More details to follow.

Why attend?

With the increasing prevalence of data, constantly improving technology and the need for industry sectors to make better use of the insights available; our events give the opportunity to learn and network with like-minded people; sharing best practices and taking learnings on various topics from one industry into another.

Who is #BAF aimed for?

They work best when we get a range of complementary skills and viewpoints! Directors and Senior Managers from:

  • Finance (Finance Directors, FP&A, Management Accountants, Analysts)
  • IT (Business Analysts, BI Managers, BI Developers, Data Science)
  • Operations (Business Leaders, Department Heads, Transformation Leaders)


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