#BAF 2

Business Analytics Forum #BAF 2 – 22nd March 2019

After the success of our first forum, we were very excited to announce our second forum which was held on Friday 22nd March 2019!


With the increasing prevalence of data, constantly improving technology and the need for industry sectors to make better use of the insights available; we have established this forum, as an great opportunity for like-minded people to get together to share best practice, make great contacts, and get hands on.


The forum will take place three times a year, with guest speakers from a range of Analytics solution providers, alongside presentations from forum members themselves.



See below summary of the day!

#BAF Event Highlights


from attendees

Agenda and Summary of Talks:

11:00 – REGISTRATION & NETWORKING with refreshments of tea, coffee & a wide range of herbal teas along with biscuits for dipping!


11:30 – FORUM WELCOME from Chris Booker, DeeperThanBlue

We explained that we wanted to provide a forum; where people could come along and find out how analytics can be used to add value to their business. The forum aim is to be an excellent networking and knowledge sharing opportunity, with meetings every four months, including featuring guest speakers, industry experts and hands on sessions. Chris Booker, DeeperThanBlue’s Sales & Marketing Director, explained who DeeperThanBlue are and the range of services and capabilities that they offer.
There was a short round of introductions by all attendees, where everyone shared information about their current role and their interests in the forum.



Paul explained the opportunity for Analytics to add more value as companies progress through the Analytics lifecycle. Also how ‘unlicensed drivers’ can often lead to a distrust of data – with missing, incorrect, misleading and misinterpreted elements. This in turn is eroding value and hampering progress.


12:10 – DATA DRIVEN PROCESSES IN AEROSPACE MANUFACTURING by Rufino Bolado – Head of Technology at CW Fletcher (Aerospace & Nuclear Manufacturing) 

First off, was an introduction to CW Fletcher and an overview of the Aerospace and Nuclear Manufacturing they provide.

Rufino explained his own career journey so far, having worked with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) and the University of Sheffield.

He explained some of the key projects he has delivered, including an overview of how he is using data visualisation techniques to display manufacturing within tolerances and how statistical process control is used within CW Fletcher.

He talked about a range of future opportunities to further integrate a wide range of different data sources from:

  • Manufacturing data
  • Work in progress tracking
  • Capturing quality control statistics
  • The benefits they would achieve from the integration.


Rufino talked about using a SQL database to store the data with integration and data capture from IOT. Also, a range of tools from open source including Python to Mind Foundry and IBM Watson Data Studio.

He explained that the merging of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) will lead to new opportunities and further value.


12:40 – 15 minute Break


12:55 – VISUALISATION BEST PRACTICE by Simon Harrison – Operations Director at DeeperThanBlue Analytics 

Simon shared his knowledge and experience gained from years of presenting management information to senior management, Simon presented ‘Data Visualisation best practice’. Which was one of the features requested at the previous forum.

Key messages coming out of the presentation were:

  • Know your audience
  • Types of dashboard
  • Explaining data types
  • The use of appropriate charts
  • Make the best use of space
  • Refine the design
  • Finished off with examples of good and bad practice.


There was a Q&A session after each presentation and some excellent questions were asked and answered, these can be found in the videos which are being designed.

The attendees were then given the opportunity to help shape future forums and were invited to present at future forums! Also asked for their views on a range a topics, which were:

  • Machine Learning, which cloud platforms permit that
  • Practical use cases of: machine learning, AI, Chatbots
  • Data Literacy – Qlik
  • Collaboration on data analysis
13:25 – COMPLIMENTARY BAR including Kelham Island Brewery beer, selection of white and red wine, plus soft drinks with a BUFFET LUNCH of ‘Yorkshire Nibbles’ which is all freshly made and locally sourced


13:55 – HANDS ON FREE COGNOS 11.1 have a play with the new features

Simon Harrison gave a guided hands-on session on how to build a dashboard using IBM Cognos 11.1 with working examples. Attendees were encouraged to test the software and see the new features including recommended charts, and how the infusion of AI has helped guide the processes.

This was a request from a prior forum, and we hope to feature different software at each event going forwards.



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Who should attend?

The forum works best when we get a range of complementary skills and viewpoints! Directors and Senior Managers from:
– Finance (Finance Directors, FP&A, Management Accountants, Analysts), – IT (Business Analysts, BI Managers, BI Developers, Data Science), – Operations (Business Leaders, Department Heads, Transformation Leaders).

When & where was the event?

11-2.30pm, Friday 22nd March 2019
The Chimney House, Kelham Island,
Sheffield, S3 8RY

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We’d love your input so we can mould the next forum around what you’d like to hear! Please request to join our LinkedIn Group here and have your say.

Want to know what happened at the first #BAF 1?

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