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BigCommerce is a leading commerce platform for fast-growing and mid-market brands. Are you a BigCommerce user? Are you keen to understand the latest developments and updates to the platform?

You’ve come to the right place. At DeeperThanBlue, we’re keeping all of our BigCommerce clients up to date with the recent updates announced at the BigCommerce Town Hall.

What is the BigCommerce Town Hall?

Founded in 2015, BigCommerce Town Hall is a monthly webinar program where product and company updates are provided in a live Q&A with BigCommerce executive leadership. Need to know the latest updates? Here we summarise everything that’s recently dropped.

Latest Updates


July’s product updates focussed on Shared Modifier Options and New Global Payment Options.

Shared Modifier Options:

  • Save time by creating and managing modifier options and their values across multiple products
  • Option sets not required – use both local and shared modifiers on products
  • Now available for Beta on stores using Product Add/Edit v3


New Global Payment Options:

New Stripe integration

  • Available in over 25 countries
  • North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific
  • Strong Customer Authentication using 3D-Secure 2
  • Globally
  • Fraud prevention (via Stripe Radar & Radar for Fraud Teams)
  • Credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Google Pay on Adyen

  • Provide a simpler checkout experience to shoppers in over 100 countries by enabling Google Pay on Adyen, allowing your shoppers to purchase using credit or debit cards stored in their Google account.

Q2 2020

April 2020

Aprils product updates focused on Checkout improvements. Specifically:

  • Tools to manage customers with existing accounts at the checkout
    • New Checkout Setting options for your customers with existing accounts:
      • Require login
      • Prompt to log in or continue as guest
      • Passwordless login for faster login
    • Advanced search options to easily identify guest orders that potentially belong to customers with existing accounts
    • Available exclusively on Optimized One-Page Checkout

May 2020

May’s updates focussed on the following:

  • Page Builder
  • Checkout Improvements
  • Global Payment Options

Page Builder Now Available in Early Access:

Page Builder – Easy storefront customization

  • Create and edit pages with drag-and-drop widgets – with no coding required
  • Preview your site before you publish
  • Provide tailored shopping experiences with custom widgets

Checkout Improvements:

Identify guest orders from existing registered customer accounts

  • New tools in the Control Panel
  • Guest orders which match emails of existing registered customer accounts
    • New Advanced Search filter option
    • New icon on the View Orders page
  • Manual verification and linking required
  • Available to all BigCommerce plans
  • Rolling out now

Manage guest checkouts for customers with existing accounts

  • New Checkout Setting options for your customers with existing accounts:
    • Require login
    • Prompt to log in or continue as guest
    • Passwordless login
  • Available exclusively on Optimized One-Page Checkout
  • Available to all BigCommerce plans
  • Rolling out now

Passwordless Login: Faster login during checkout

  • Simplifies the login process
  • Registered customers can log in with a link sent to their email
    • Secure, one-time link
    • Expires after 15 minutes
    • Configurable email template

New Global Payment Options:

  • Multi-Currency on PayPal powered by Braintree. Enabling you to sell into multiple countries with ease.
  • Multi-Currency Percentage-Based Promotions. Now you can offer special discounts to your global customers.
    • Barclaycard for UK merchants
    • Expand your global reach with BlueSnap
    • Expand your global reach with Adyen

June 2020

June’s product updates focussed specifically on iOS and Android Mobile App Updates. Key updates included:

Orders Enhancements – Edit your orders on-the-go via the mobile app

  • Ability to edit order information such as customer details and billing address
  • Ability to adjust order details by adding, editing, or removing products from an order
  • Ability to adjust product prices and immediately see updated totals reflected on a preview screen
  • Capture funds quickly and easily via the BC mobile app
  • Available with select payment gateways and with the “Authorise Only” setting configured
  • Authorise Only allows your payment gateway to authorize the charge and allows you to capture funds from the customer when you are ready


Catalog Enhancements – Take more action on your products directly from the app

  • Now available on Android, and coming soon on iOS
  • Scan product barcodes to search for a specific product or variant
  • Enabling you to quickly and easily locate a product in your products list via the app

Q1 2020

January 2020

February 2020

March 2020

Key updates in March including the Product Catalogue Management in the BigCommerce Mobile App as well as the Order Refunds API.

Product Catalogue Management in the Mobile App:

This involved for the following key updates:

  • Easily view and edit your complete list of products
    • Upload new image from camera roll or by using camera
    • Delete image
    • Set Primary image
  • Adjust product inventory
    • Name
    • Price
    • SKU
  • Turn on/off product visibility on your storefront
  • Assign product categories to existing products

Order Refunds API:

  • Retrieve a list of past refunds
  • Get a Refund Quote before submitting a refund to ensure refund accuracy and eligibility
  • Submit a refund back to original payment method, store-credit or both at the same time

We’ll be keeping this page up to date as and when new BigCommerce updates are released. For more information head to BigCommerce and check out their Town Hall page.  

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