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Evolve and Optimise

In 2020, global eCommerce sales hit £3.9tn, accounting for 17% of all retail sales. It’s never been more important to optimise your onsite experience and make your eCommerce ecosystem work for you and your customers.


With eCommerce sales predicted to make up 23% of all retail sales by 2023, it’s never been more important to step ahead of the competition with a slick, polished and personalised online experience.





Content is king

The question is, how are you managing, publishing, optimising and sharing your content? With 71% of users feeling frustrated by impersonal shopping experiences, 74% sick of non-personalised content and 72% saying they will only engage with personalised marketing messages, content really is king. And that’s before we get into the performance benefits of optimised content.

Your Content Management System (CMS) therefore plays such an integral role in providing your users with the experience that they crave across all your channels, as well as ensuring your website is fully optimised and high performing.

Make the right CMS choice and you’ll find your competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

What is a CMS?

A CMS is software that enables eCommerce retailers to create, edit and publish digital website content without writing any code. Users can modify the look and feel of the online store – whether changing product layout, adding banners, uploading blogs and adding new category and product sections – to better promote products and engage with users through quality cross-channel content. And with the right choice of CMS you’ll create true data-driven omnichannel experiences that delight your users.

Essential personalisation

Personalisation is essential for today’s customers. With an increasingly demanding digital-first consumer, content and experiences must be tailored and personalised to their needs. It is fundamental to choose a CMS that enables you to deliver effective and scalable personalised content.

Cross-channel performance

SEO optimisation is a key requirement for any eCommerce CMS. Your users need to be able to find your products and content organically through search. That’s a given. But how do you increase the performance of your content across channel and device? Choosing a CMS that offers SEO optimisation, A/B testing and embedded analytics to publish, optimise, test and refine is a key first step.

Headless CMS: Digital experiences and breaking away from the traditional model

Today’s consumer is all about the experience. They connect with brands across multiple channels in different ways throughout the day. They may want to browse your products, read your onsite content, or engage with your social media. And when they do they want the experience to be consistent, personalised and tailored to their needs.

It is crucial to think of eCommerce as a content initiative. Content influences how much trust buyers place in a brand and how they make their purchasing decisions. If you get it right, there’s a huge competitive advantage to be gained.

A headless CMS for example (whereby your content is provided as data over an API), takes your content publishing away from the traditional onsite offering to cater for the full eCommerce experience both cross-channel and cross-device.

It also offers the smooth integration of other channels that have yet to see widespread use or to even be created at all. Consider the impact that smart devices and voice search are set to have on our shopping behaviours. A headless CMS prepares you to meet this challenge head on.

Benefits of a headless CMS

There are a range of benefits when it comes to the use of a headless CMS to provide seamless digital experiences to your users:


  • Faster editing experience.
  • The ability to manage content for more channels
  • Flexibility for developers
  • Ease of scaling
  • Enhanced security

Choosing the right CMS

Making the right CMS choice is fundamental for the future of your business. Factors to consider include:
– Development, testing and delivery workflows
– Content management features
– Personalisation and optimisation
– Ease of upgrades and vendor releases
– Testing, specifically live-content testing
– Real-time monitoring
– Manual and automated backup of the live environment

Magnolia Headless CMS
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