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Music is Life from Team DeeperThanBlue

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At DeeperThanBlue we have a diverse team with varied musical tastes…

If you have visited our new Sheffield Central office you will have no doubt experienced the music vibe that plays throughout the day. Coming from the Outdoor City, was previously known as the Steel City, we are pretty famed for bands and musicians that the city has produced.

With the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 spreading across the UK, we decided to close the office early before lock down came, keep the team safe and ask everyone to work from home. We set up Zoom like most organisations, had an opening call each day and kept an open mic (if desired) all day so that we could recreate the office vibe. But something was missing… The music of the office! So just prior to the Easter weekend we set a challenge to the team.

Choose your 3 favourite songs that represent your current mood/feelings!

We weren’t sure what we were going to get. With a team that has an age group that spans from 21 to one just entering their 60’s – this was going to be a trip through time. Would it be dance, floor fillers, pop, jazz, new romantics, rock or electronica?

The result, just before Good Friday, is 3 Playlists that were carefully curated by our resident DJ, Mr Matt Dunn and then uploaded to Spotify. Always featuring a band from our local town/city; Artic Monkeys, ABC, The Human League, Def Leppard, the team came up with 3 absolute bangers from Alternative Rock, Pop right through to Classic Rock.

Did we have fun…hell yeah…will you like them? We will leave that to you to decide….

Listen below and enjoy!

From the DeeperThanBlue team,


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