Alternative Text Hayley Bartholomew | 22 June 2017

What’s the word on the street? Data!

Like a gym membership, DATA has no value unless you use it!…..

  • Do you know what customers are saying about your products and services online
  • Can you measure social sentiment by customers, potential customers, and former customers, sliced and diced by demographic details?
  • Do you know what the market is saying about your competitors’ products?

And, if you could extract this information from the plethora of online data, how valuable would it be to see patterns that provide insights about the type of customers who are happy with your products. What if you could gain insight into the reasons why others are not happy with your services? And what if you could find new groups of buyers that you didn’t even know existed? Is Social Media something you are currently analyzing? Demographic and sentiment analysis? If not why not? Here at Deeper Than Blue we can offer you a 30-minute personalised demonstration. A demo of IBM’s Watson Analytics for Social Media using the previous two weeks data of any internet mentions of your industry, your products, your services and even your competitors so you can see firsthand the value of social media sentiment analysis and how it can be exercised. Contact us now and book your 30 minute demo Hayley Bartholomew [email protected]

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