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Software Testing Tools

As an IBM partner, we offer a comprehensive set of testing tools to enhance your test capability to deliver better quality and at a quicker rate.

We also understand that there is no one-size-fits-all tool. When it comes to testing, there are a plethora of tools in the marketplace available all with their own unique advantages and drawbacks. Often there are key decisions to make along the way:

  • Open Source VS Licensed

  • Coded VS Codeless

  • Extensibility

  • Plugins

  • Does the tool fit with my current technology stack?

Tool selection must consider things such as team capability, language exposure, development capability and other in house tools used. We work with our clients to understand what they need and what will benefit them the most, whilst considering ROI (Return On Investment).

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JMeter Tool: Introduction to JMeter, the Basics Part 1

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Case Studies

Case Study

We began working with AJ Bell during a transitional period for the company, whereby they needed to scale their engineering capabilities whilst still maintaining their clear quality first approach. As the business was evolving a number of new staff members had joined the team. All team members, both new and existing, needed to be up-skilled with the same unified approach to software testing.

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Case Study

We worked with SG Games to streamline software delivery processes at an earlier stage, through development and testing to: increase efficiency of time, cost and quality to software platforms. Resulting in SG Games being able to aid delivery of their projects to market quicker, therefore their clients can benefit from new and improved functions at a faster pace.

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Case Study

University of Manchester: the internal eLearning department within the university was tasked with ensuring the correct implementation of a third-party online education tool. Updates were periodically provided, resulting in the eLearning team being tasked with understand how the upgraded software would work for the needs of their students.

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