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Disaster Recovery Testing

Disaster Recovery Testing

The elephant in the room at the start of a project is understanding what the plans are for when things go wrong. This can range from rollback plans to system outages and fail-over processes during Live running – and importantly how this impacts your live data.

This makes disaster recovery (DR) an essential part of test planning and execution so, should the worst happen, that process has also been tested and known to be working.

Some points to consider for DR testing:

Some key points to consider for DR testing:

  • The non-functional requirements for DR can form the base to test against.
  • The testing should be conducted on an environment that replicates your Live environment as much as possible.
  • DR testing quite often needs input from technical and development teams – which should be scheduled.
  • Any data latency at the point of failover, and the consideration of data issues during DR.

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